Modolo – Affordable Prefab Housing in Northern Mexico

Created by Stación-ARquitectura Arquitectos, this innovative little home is designed to cater for poor families in Northern Mexico.


Modolo Modular Tiny House by Stación-ARquitectura Arquitectos

The Modolo is a simple 10-foot-square modular structure, built using recycled materials. Stación set out to develop an affordable shelter that could be put together quickly and modified to suit the needs of the occupants. These key aims could also make it suitable for use as an emergency relief unit.


Modolo Modular Tiny House by Stación-ARquitectura Arquitectos

The exterior of the home is clad with fiberglass panels, salvaged from an existing construction site. The standardized panels allow the builders to expand the modular home as required without having to make major changes to the structural grid.


Modolo Modular Tiny House by Stación-ARquitectura Arquitectos

Due to the extreme heat of the Mexican climate, incorporating effective cooling strategies were a priority. Both the base and roof of the Modolo contain vents that allow fresh air to pass through the home. The vents can be opened and closed to help keep the home cool during the day, and warm at night. The roof has also been finished to reflect solar gain, helping to further reduce the interior temperature. To promote cross ventilation, the sliding door and window can also be opened.

Modolo Modular Tiny House by Stación-ARquitectura Arquitectos

The foundation is made from recycled tires with concrete, elevating the structure from the ground and enhancing air flow. The interior features simple organic materials like bamboo to give the home some warmth and character.

The simple, replicable structure of the Modola, combined with its recycled materials make this a very flexible, and comfortable shelter for those in need.

Modolo Modular Tiny House by Stación-ARquitectura Arquitectos

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Where would you like to see shelters being deployed for those in need?

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  1. I think this is way cool. I love the simplicity of it while using recycled material. It is very stylish.

    1. Sam — Hard to say. The basic structure shouldn’t cost all that much, my guess is about about grand. If you want to insulate it, add and some electrical components and so on, the costs can stack up fairly quickly.