Modest Italian Home Sits Quietly Among The Landscape of Novellara

Designed by the Italian firm, KM 429 Architecture, this rather meek property sits quietly along the edge of a woodland. Located in Novellara, Italy, the house is placed just outside the bounds of a “Zone of Luxury Environment”; a protected site dedicated to the natural environment and its history.


House in Novellara - KM 429 architecture - Italy - Exterior - Humble Homes

Work on the house was completed in 2015 with the help of architects Alessio Bernardelli and Simona Avigni. They chose to create a home that wouldn’t compete with the surrounding environment. Instead, they embraced it, providing outward viewpoints from within the house.


House in Novellara - KM 429 architecture - Italy - Staircase - Humble Homes

Simply dubbed “House in Novellara”, its compact shape and overall form were partly derived from the characteristics of typical rural buildings in the region. From what can be seen, the plain simple exterior continues to the interior (unfortunately there aren’t many interior photos).


House in Novellara - KM 429 architecture - Italy - Living Area - Humble Homes

The interior has a contemporary finish of white walls and a mix of light and dark woods. The first floor contains a bedroom, generous bathroom, and an open plan kitchen/dining area. The second floor features a second bedroom with the home’s main living area found adjacent to it.

House in Novellara - KM 429 architecture - Italy - Balcony - Humble Homes

A second bathroom can also be found on the upper level, along with some storage space, and a terrace that overlooks the fields and garden below. With a little re-jigging of spaces the house could have easily accommodated three bedrooms, but obviously the home-owners didn’t need it.

House in Novellara - KM 429 architecture - Italy - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

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Photos: Simone Bossi

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