Minimalism in Madrid – A Compact Apartment

This tiny apartment is set in Spain’s largest city, Madrid. The large population, limited space and expensive accommodation is forcing people to reconsider their needs when it comes to housing, often resulting in a major downsize.


A compact apartment in Madrid by Beriot Bernardini Archquitectos

This compact apartment has been designed by Beriot Bernardini Arquitectos, and aims to take advantage of the limited space by incorporating as many multifunctional living areas as possible. The majority of the functional spaces (kitchen, bedroom, bathroom and closets) are contained towards the front end, freeing up the rest of the home for the less permanent areas (dining room, living room etc).


A compact apartment in Madrid by Beriot Bernardini Archquitectos

The interior decor is minimalist in appearance – it’s been painted white and features a minimal amount of furniture, and ornaments. The kitchen can even be “closed off” when it’s not in use.


A unique pull-out staircase is used to conceal a storage closet, while also providing access to the upper sections of the apartment, which house more storage space and a sleeping area. The upper level is semi-private, and contains “window” openings of the main living area. This prevents the spaces from feeling small and claustrophobic, and it also provides an opening for natural light.

A compact apartment in Madrid by Beriot Bernardini Archquitectos

The only space to be completely enclosed from the rest of the home is the bathroom. The home is sectioned up by partition walls that create the individual spaces but also act as storage compartments.

Some elements, like the staircase, can disappear entirely. The apartment is a well-designed space that capitalizes on functionality to create a flexible home for the owners.

A compact apartment in Madrid by Beriot Bernardini Archquitectos

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Photos: Yen Chen

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  1. Minimalism in Madrid – A Compact Apartment

    how can i get the floor plan for this i would like to build this it is so awesome i would want it extended a little but other then that it is by far the best all around layout i have ever seen

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