MINI – A Minimal Teardrop Trailer by Tinycamper in Lithuania

This teardrop trailer has been built by the Lithuanian company Tinycamper. The company is focused on creating modern minimalist trailers, catering for those who enjoy weekend breaks but would rather not spend them in a tent.


Tearcuby - Tiny Camper - Lithuania - Exterior - Humble Homes

Teardrop trailers tend to be a compromise between a tent and a full-blown RV. And while they’re generally not intended for long-term habitation, that’s not to say it’s not possible. Plus, they’re also (usually) cheaper than an RV, require less maintenance, and are lighter, making them less expensive to tow.


Tearcuby - Tiny Camper - Lithuania - Interior Bedroom - Humble Homes

The model pictured is Tinycamper’s MINI. It’s their basic model and is designed to sleep two adults comfortably, although you could squeeze in a child too. The unit has been built around the dimensions of the mattress, which covers the entire “floor” of the camper.


Tearcuby - Tiny Camper - Lithuania - Interior Sitting - Humble Homes

Other, more expensive models include a fold-down bunk allowing you to accommodate one or two children. The interior of the unit is pretty minimal. Some storage has been included under the mattress, and a few shelves provide you with just enough space for a few books or other small items.

Tearcuby - Tiny Camper - Lithuania - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The MINI features doors on both sides, allowing you to open it up to the surroundings (weather permitting). Although you can always enjoy it from the inside thanks to the “skyroof”, a large curved window to the front. There’s also a rooftop vent that ensures air circulation.

Tearcuby - Tiny Camper - Lithuania - Stove - Humble Homes

Like most teardrop trailers the back of the camper is taken up by a “kitchen”. It’s a basic setup with a small fridge, a pull-out cooktop and a sink, along with some work surfaces and storage. The prices range from $7,000 for the basic model to $10,700 for an off-road version.

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