Mini House 2.0 by Jonas Wagell & Sommarnöjen

The original Mini House was essentially a simple, elegant shed, suitable for use as a weekend retreat, or a guest house. Designed by Jonas Wagell, the Mini House contained a total of 15 square meters (161 square feet) of usable floor space, and could be shipped as a flat-pack kit to the owner’s site.


Mini House 2.0 - Tiny House - Jonas Wagell - Sweden - Exterior - Humble Homes

More recently Wagell teamed up with the Swedish house builder Sommarnöjen, a leading developer of ecological holiday homes. Together they’ve produced Mini House 2.0, which builds upon the first version of the retreat. The micro-houses will be available in a variety of sizes and floor plans, all of which will be prefabricated and flat-packed for delivery.


Mini House 2.0 - Tiny House - Jonas Wagell - Sweden - Back - Humble Homes

Sommarnöjen itself is known for producing a range of wood houses, and the development, production, sales and export of Mini House 2.0 will be handled by them. The house will now be available in sizes that range from the tiny 15 square meters (161 square feet), to the not-so-tiny 90 square meters (969 square feet).


Mini House 2.0 - Tiny House - Jonas Wagell - Sweden - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The first models to be released (pictured here) are of the 15 meter square version. The house is modular in form, so it can be combined with other units to create larger structures, and the interior of each unit can be customized to the needs of the owner.

Mini House 2.0 - Tiny House - Jonas Wagell - Sweden - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The model pictured here features an open plan living area that contains a free-standing kitchenette, and a single bed on the opposite end of the house. The only other room in the tiny space is the bathroom, which is relatively large at 1.5 meters in width (4.9 feet). The exterior deck contains the same amount of space as the building itself, and contains an outdoor shower and another small kitchenette.

The cost for the units haven’t been finalised yet, but the estimates for their “pre-series” houses in 2014 are in the region of €23.000 excluding VAT (about $28, 775).

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Photos: Jason Wagell

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  1. If this plan could be built on a boat trailer and have the deck foldable for transportation, I would love it!