MILLWALL is a Renovation That Showcases the Beauty of a 100-Year-Old Hanok

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This property from Seoul in South Korea has dates back to the early 1900s. It’s called a hanok, which is a name ascribed to traditional Korean houses.



Over the course of its lifetime the building has served many purposes, both residential and commercial. It’s most recent overhaul saw it being transformed for a use as a tea house.



The project, titled Millwall, was taken on by local firm, studio STAY. Their aim was to renovate the building, while also showcasing its history and original features. Works were completed in 2018 and the cafe is now open to the public.



Millwall contains 538.19-square-feet 50-square-meters of space, which is largely divided up between a seating area, the kitchen, a private room, and a garden.

studio STAY wanted to create a place where the old hanok, surrounded by modern architecture, would allow a person to relax and feel the depth of time.


The interior is composed on old wooden beams and rafters, deformed with age. It’s the rustic charm of the structure that the architects wanted to showcase, and it looks like they’ve succeeded – regardless of what room your’re in, the home’s original details are always on show.


Photos © Byungmin Shin

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