Micro A-Frame Glamping Cabins from Slovenia by Lushna

These micro-cabins can be found among a forest in Bled, Slovenia. The project, dubbed “Lushna Villas”, was undertaken by local design firm Lushna, and now serves as a unique glamping retreat for visitors to the area.


Lushna Villas - Lushna - Bled Solvenia - Exterior - Humble Homes

The designers state that they wanted to provide guests with a front row experience of nature. They focused on creating a “contemplative” space that wouldn’t compromise on comfort. Their size was informed by the scale of the human body, with an allowance for two people in each unit.


Lushna Villas - Lushna - Bled Solvenia - Forest Surroundings and Cabin - Humble Homes

The apex of the villas is just taller than the entrance door. You aren’t really meant to be standing on the inside, but lying or sitting on the double bed mattresses. They’ve employed a triangular structure because of its simple to construct and also makes use of less material.


Lushna Villas - Lushna - Bled Solvenia - Rear of Cabin - Humble Homes

Each villa comes with a glass wall that looks out over the surrounding forest landscape. It also helps the space from becoming too small and closed in. Privacy is catered for through the use of drapes. LED lights keep the room lit at night, and electric heaters can be turned on if it gets too cold.

Lushna Villas - Lushna - Bled Solvenia - Cabin Interior - Humble Homes

The structure is composed of either larch or pine, both of which should age over time helping the villas to further blend in with their environment. To protect the immediate surroundings, the units were prefabricated off-site and make use of concrete-free foundations.

Lushna Villas - Lushna - Bled Solvenia - Cabin at Night - Humble Homes

A-frame cabins are popular not only for their simplified construction and efficiency; the shape conjures up child-like fascinations with tents, forts and other whimsical structures. It’s that aspect of these cabins that makes them fit in so snugly with their surroundings.

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Photos: Lushna

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