Marjolein Jonker’s Cool and Calming Contemporary Tiny House on Wheels

The tiny house movement continues to make headway in The Netherlands with this recent build. The house has been designed by Lena and Laurens van der Wal, with the aid of and Vincent Höfte of Buro Walden. The design was then passed to Dimka Wentzel of who built the home.


Dutch Minimalist Tiny House - Marjolein Jonker - The Netherlands - Exterior - Humble Homes

Unlike their American counterparts, Dutch tiny houses tend to be contemporary in style. This house is no exception – it features an unusual asymmetric roof and is clad entirely in with wood. On the inside, they’ve opted for a crisp minimalist finish to create a calming and spacious atmosphere.


Dutch Minimalist Tiny House - Marjolein Jonker - The Netherlands - Kitchen and Staircase - Humble Homes

The house was built for Marjolein Jonker, a “tiny house ambassador” and advocate. Her home is now parked on a small piece of land that’s zoned as an industrial estate. But there’s more to it than that; the local council from the town of Alkmaar provided permission for her to park there – gaining such permission in the US is still relatively rare despite the number of people dwelling in these homes.


Dutch Minimalist Tiny House - Marjolein Jonker - The Netherlands - Kitche and Living Area - Humble Homes

On the inside, the first floor is divided up between a bathroom, kitchen, dining area and living room. In the kitchen, instead of opting for the smaller and sometimes awkward kitchenette, they’ve gone with a full-size stove and refrigerator. There’s also a standing desk that doubles as counter-space when needed.

Dutch Minimalist Tiny House - Marjolein Jonker - The Netherlands - Loft Bedroom - Humble Homes

The living room has been carved out of the home’s end-bay. It swoops round to create a cozy reading nook and incorporates plenty of built-in storage. An alternating tread staircase provides access to the loft, which is a bright, light room thanks to the skylight windows.

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Photos: Marjolein Jonker

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  1. I like it but still needs a railing going up to the loft. I do like the loft. Reminds me of living in the Marshall Islands when I and a roommate shared a room. Lofts were built so each of us had space for bed and some furniture and walked down a flight of stairs. Did not have to climb a ladder. Which was great because you did not know if you would have a accident on your bike and sprain your ankle.