Loom – A Small Studio in Aspen by 1 Friday Design Collaborative

Set in Aspen, Colorado, this tiny house is actually used as an artist’s studio. The studio, simply called Loom, has been designed by local firm, 1 Friday Design Collaborative. Throughout the design process the architects aim was to combine the historic setting of the neighborhood with modern environmental standards.


Loom - Small House - 1 Friday Design Collaborative - Colorado - Exterior - Humble Homes

The neighborhood that Loom is set in features Victorian housing, an aesthetic which architects have attempted to build upon to create a dwelling that slots into its surroundings. The result of their endeavours is a pink and white-painted, top heavy, two-storey structure.


Loom - Small House - 1 Friday Design Collaborative - Colorado - Entry - Humble Homes

For the architects, and the clients, creating an environmentally responsible building was high on their agenda. Inspired by the likes of LEED, they incorporated passive design and high performance materials into the construction of Loom.


Loom - Small House - 1 Friday Design Collaborative - Colorado - Staircase - Humble Homes

On the inside, Loom is a bright and airy space thanks to it’s high ceilings, window openings and white finish. The ground floor serves as a home studio, and office. It’s been lined with bookshelves on one side of the building and desks on the other.

Loom - Small House - 1 Friday Design Collaborative - Colorado - Loft - Humble Homes

A simple staircase provides access to storage areas, and the second storey, which contains a small loft. The loft features some interesting woodwork. Angled studs project out from the roof and into the floor, creating a diamond-shaped space. According to the architects, the room was inspired by a traditional weaving room (hence the project’s name, “Loom”).

Loom - Small House - 1 Friday Design Collaborative - Colorado - Floor Plans - Humble Homes

Finally, there’s a small patio at ground level, to the front of the building, which overlooks the evergreen trees of the garden. All told Loom contains about 500 square feet of usable space (46 square meters).

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Photos: Derek Skalko

Niall Burke

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  1. I like this a lot except for the outside. It looks like they had a cube and put a roof feature that was too big on the structure. It had good structure inside especially the railing going up into the loft area which would be so much better if used as a bedroom if overnight family or friends came to visit, to have build in furniture build in the spaces on the side of the wall. Check with the home improvement stores like Home Depot or Lowes or see what you have yourself or have someone come out and build storage for you. That is a great space upstairs. Would be better if kitchen unit could be built like what I had overseas in the Marshall Islands, a cabinet or two, sink and space below for a small refrig where I could put my freezer or small frig or use as storage with small bookcase. Did both.