Loft Grandpa – A 1950s Workshop Conversion to Small House

This small house in Brazil has been designed by local architecture firm Meius Arquitetura. The house originally served as a garage/workshop for the owner in the 1950’s. It was converted to a home, with the help of Meius, in 2013.


Loft Grandpa - MEIUS Arquitetura -  Brazil - Exterior - Humble Homes

The project arose out of the need for a more accessible dwelling for the owner, Henrique Fernando Tetzç. His home at the time contained a ladder that was used to access the other levels of the property. At 92 years of age he decided he need something a little bit easier to scale, and set about transforming his previous workshop into his new home.


Loft Grandpa - MEIUS Arquitetura -  Brazil - Living Room - Humble Homes

The converted unit contains a total area of 646 square feet (60 square meters), split between the first floor (388 square feet/36 square meters) and a mezzanine (258 square feet/24 square meters). The estimated cost for the works is $30,000 and the project took approximately 2 months to complete.


Loft Grandpa - MEIUS Arquitetura -  Brazil - Breakfast Bar - Humble Homes

The first floor contains all of the living spaces that Henrique needs access to – a living room, a kitchen with a breakfast bar, a bedroom and a bathroom. The bedroom can be isolated from the rest of the first floor with the use of a curtain.

Loft Grandpa - MEIUS Arquitetura -  Brazil - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The mezzanine floor above contains a recreational area for his family, as well as two extra beds to provide a sleeping space for family members who take it in turn to stay with him. The upper level also features a balcony that looks out onto the street. To the rear of the property there’s a small garden/vegetable patch.

Loft Grandpa - MEIUS Arquitetura -  Brazil - First Floor Plan - Humble Homes

Loft Grandpa - MEIUS Arquitetura -  Brazil - Second Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The lower level is finished with some rather homey touches, while the upper floor appears to be a bit more basic and functional. Muted grey tones have been used throughout with splashes of the bright yellow lightening the space.

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Photos: Izabel Diniz

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  1. At 92???? For crying out loud, give him full marks for creativity and, well, stamina. Darn it all, I’m getting tired just looking at it, I certainly don’t have the stamina and strength to be able to do that.