Living Room & Study In One – Carmella Counter Sofa

Unlike most multifunctional furniture pieces, the Carmella Counter Sofa doesn’t have any moving/transformable parts, but contains a desk and storage space to the rear. Smart, simple and stylish. The sofa/desk could be used for a wide range of activities, from a small study space to home theatre.


Multifunctional Furniture - The Carmella Counter Sofa

The flexible sofa is designed by Piano Isola, and is available in Oak and Walnut. Unfortunately they’re both hardwood’s and it would be great to see an alternative from a faster growing timber resource. If you’re interested in purchasing one, don’t get your hopes up – it appears to only be available in Japan and costs around $3250. From the designers (and translated by Google) :


“Solid wood series CARAMELLA… [is] a simple design and modern, a variety of expression is (Karamerra) counter sofa. This product combines the functionality of the counter and sofa is a sofa of innovative ideas that will propose a wide range of how to spend in the living room… We propose a new way of [using the] living space.”

Multifunctional Furniture - The Carmella Counter Sofa


It may not be appropriate for tiny houses, but perhaps it’s suitable for small houses where you’re looking to increase the number of uses a single space has.

Multifunctional Furniture - The Carmella Counter Sofa

For more multifunctional and smart furniture pieces, check out Sasa Mitrovic’s super funky 7-piece furniture set, and Atelier OPA’s Kenchikukagu which is perfect for small homes. See all multifunctional furniture.

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  1. Great basic concept, but I see definite room for even more functionality and with less expensive wood, made much much cheaper.