Living Pavilion is a Small House Designed for Year-Round Use in Russia

This property from Russia has been designed by the studio Nefa Architects. The project, which was completed back in 2014, saw the construction of a country house in the Odintsovo district, found to the west of Moscow.


Dubbed Living Pavilion, the property is suitable for year-round use. It contains a relatively small footprint and two levels for the occupants to take advantage of.



The home has a floor area in the region of 1,291.67-square-feet (120-square-meters) spread over its two floors. The structure is composed of a steel frame, and is clad with timber.



The interior of the home gives way to much lighter tones, with wood and white making up the color scheme. The living room is surrounded by large patio doors and windows. Heating vents in the floor run the length of the patio doors, so as to create a barrier from the Russia’s cold winter weather.


Window and door openings are also lined with drapes, providing both privacy and extra layer of insulation. On the ground floor there’s a dining room, followed by a living room and a kitchen. The walls between the dining room and living room features a double-sided glass fireplace. A bathroom can also be found adjacent the kitchen.


Upstairs, there are three bedrooms and another bathroom, however they only occupy half of the available floor area. The remainder of the upper level is dedicated to the rooftop pavilion. It’s an outdoor space perfect for relaxing and entertaining guests.


From the architects: “The trees growing right through the pavilion emphasize the environmental friendliness and the naturalness of its image. Some pieces of furniture and lighting used in the project are custom made.”


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Photos © Ilya Ivanov

Niall Burke

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