Lille Arøya – A Small Cabin Set on the Rocks of a Norwegian Island

Dubbed Cabin Lille Arøya, this family summer house is set along the rocky edge of a Norwegian Island. The getaway is accessible only by boat, and is perched on a series of slender stilts. The house has been designed by Lund Hagem for a family of four; an interior architect, an artist, and their two children.


Cabin Lille Arøya - Lund Hagem - Norway - Exterior Front - Humble Homes

The cabin replaces an existing building that was set on the only level location on the otherwise jagged site. The new summer house contains a total of 807 square feet (75 square meters) spread between main housing blocks – one for the public living areas, and another for the more private bedrooms.


Cabin Lille Arøya - Lund Hagem - Norway - Exterior Back - Humble Homes

The cabins location offers amazing unobstructed sea views, but also strong winds. The wing that contains the bedrooms, has been placed behind the front end of the building, helping to shelter it from offshore wind. A slatted triangular frame to the front provides both anchorage against the wind and solar shading.


Cabin Lille Arøya - Lund Hagem - Norway - Living Room - Humble Homes

The exterior is clad in a mix of dark and light wood. The wider boards and the roof were painted black in order to reduce its visual impact, whereas the bedroom wing/terrace has features pine with a natural finish. The interior seems to be finished in light wood and bare concrete.

Cabin Lille Arøya - Lund Hagem - Norway - Bathroom - Humble Homes

The wing containing the main living spaces has a small kitchen to the back, a dining area and a living room to the front. Only the master bedroom is directly accessible from the living area; the other three bedrooms and bathroom appear to be completely separate and are accessed by the terrace.

Cabin Lille Arøya - Lund Hagem - Norway - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

From the architects: “The materiality of the interior in this case is treated as the exterior, to minimise the threshold between inside and outside, and further enhance the idea of the summer cabin as a place where you live in harmony with the surrounding landscape.”

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Photos: Lund Hagem

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  1. I love Lille aroya. I live oceanfront in the tropics. I will be purchasing an adjacent piece of land which is rocky ocean front and contains a ravine and fantasic views. I have been looking at architecture that is minimalist and small (2 person) that may provide ideas as what to build on this land. It cannot just be a tropical cabana. Construction must be able to withstand category 4 or 5 weather, winter salt spray, and 74-84 Farenheit of heat. It must be able to be closed up and opened up with little effort.

    What I like about Lille aroya is it looks very sturdy and certainly must withstand Norwegian winters. I love the romantic spacious inspirational feeling that the photos give me. It looks like a very safe retreat. Can you give me more information with respect to materials and costs. Thank you.