Life Pod – A 112 Square Foot Tiny House That Costs $15,000

This tiny dome-shaped house has been created by designer Michael Weekes. Called Life Pod, the unit contains a total of 112 square feet (10.4 square meters), and houses everything you’d need (and more) to get by for a life on the road.


The Lifepod - Tiny Dome Home - Exterior - Humble Homes

The Life Pod is 13.5 feet long and has a diameter of 8 feet (4.1 meters by 2.4 meters). It’s constructed using Luan plywood that’s then coated with TPO-thermoplastic polyolefin. The result is a strong, lightweight structure that weighs in at 1,200 pounds (544 kg).


The Lifepod - Tiny Dome Home - With Owner - Humble Homes

The project was started by Weekes in an attempt to create an affordable housing solution, capable of catering for many scenarios. Weekes envisions it being used for recreational use, as a temporary/permanent residence, or as an emergency dwelling unit in the aftermath of natural disasters.


The Lifepod - Tiny Dome Home - Construction - Humble Homes

It features a modular structure that will allow for the production of larger (or smaller) models. The Life Pod contains a 100-square-foot (9.2 square meters) living space with a full-size bed, shower, sink, microwave oven and a composting toilet.

The Lifepod - Tiny Dome Home - Interior - Humble Homes

The interior looks to be quite large and spacious, and sports a funky geometric structure with similar window openings. The interior shot above doesn’t seem to reflect the example floor plan that’s been released (shown below) [Update: It turns out this floor plan is actually from another tiny house project. You can find out more here. Sorry for any confusion!]. It looks like the Life Pod will be customizable to your needs.

The Lifepod - Tiny Dome Home - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The pod is set to retail at a price of $15,000, making it one of the most affordable tiny houses on the market.

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