Life in 36 Square Meters

This small two-storey apartment in São Paulo, Brazil acts as a temporary residence for a businessman. However it could easily be used as a full-time tiny home for a small family.



According to the architects, Alan Chu, the aim of this project was “to use a single element to organize the space of the small apartment with an area of 36 sqm, distributed in two floors“. I’m not quite sure what that ‘single element‘ is, but the home features wooden box-like furniture throughout giving the space a sense of playfulness as well as an atmosphere of impermanence (how appropriate).

Small Apartment Sao Paulo, by Alan Chu


Small Apartment Sao Paulo, by Alan Chu

I’ve seen, and featured several small apartments on Humble Homes. One of my favourites is this tiny Condo in New York. If that one doesn’t impress you, then try this stunning apartment designed by Tim Seggerman, also in NY.

Small Apartment Sao Paulo, by Alan Chu

Small Apartment Sao Paulo, by Alan Chu

While this apartment from Sao Paulo doesn’t make it into my ‘all time favs’, I do like the use of the furniture. The crates serve several functions, from storage and concealment, to housing for appliances like the refrigerator. There’s even a suspended crate to camouflage the existing mezzanine structure. The mezzanine, which contains the apartments bedroom and bathroom, is accessed by a spiral staircase.

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