Landhouse – A Small Home Nestled into the Hills of Reykjavik in Iceland

The Icelandic architecture firm, Studio Granda, were responsible to creating this small home that nestles itself into the landscape. Dubbed Landhouse, it’s set in the region of Skipasund in Reykjavik, Iceland.


The project was completed back in 2014 under the supervision of lead architect Margrét Harðardóttir. The house contains a total of 732-square-feet (68-square-meters).

Garður Landhouse - Studio Granda - Iceland - Exterior - Humble Homes


Landhouse occupies a small site on an large plot of land that flanks the Ytri Rangá river. As a result of ash-fall from the eruptions of volcano Hekla the area is mostly devoid of vegetation. However, thanks to the client’s efforts, the area is to be reforested with indigenous species.

Garður Landhouse - Studio Granda - Iceland - Exterior 1 - Humble Homes


Landhouse is placed at the epicenter of the restoration projection, set into one of the sites rolling hills. The structure of the home is composed of concrete. The concrete was poured insitu and features an arched roof that extends down to the substantial abutments found at the ends.

Garður Landhouse - Studio Granda - Iceland - Interior - Humble Homes

The central portion of the home contains the living room and kitchen/dining area. The more private spaces, such as the bedrooms bathroom and entrance hall, flank the main living space and hug the end buttresses. Both of the Landhouse’s exposed sides are fully glazed.

Garður Landhouse - Studio Granda - Iceland - Exterior 2 - Humble Homes

The glazing floods the interior in natural light, while also providing stunning vistas of the landscape. The interior finish is largely made up of polished concrete and solid oak. The home’s main source of heating is a wood-burning stove that’s centrally located.

Garður Landhouse - Studio Granda - Iceland - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

From the architect: “The house may be small but scale in this environment is virtually infinite. Substantial earthwork berms key the house into the larger landscape, shelter the external spaces from inclement weather and culminate as a warm turf blanket, wrapped over the roof.”

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  1. Interesting choice, considering the area and the country itself is largely devoid of trees.