Koda – A Small Prefab Home that Mixes Design and Technology

Dubbed Koda, this small prefab home has been developed by the Estonia-based architecture firm, Kodasema. Since the completion of the home, they’ve been shortlisted for the Small Project Prize by the World Architecture Festival 2016.


Koda was first completed and presented at a Tallinn Architecture Biennale in Autumn of 2015. The house pulls together a number of facets of design, including prefabrication and technology.

KODA - Kodasema - Estonia - Exterior - Humble Homes


According to the architects, over 100 experts from various fields helped to create and develop the prototype. Some were enlisted to help introduce smart technologies; the house is capable of monitoring and learning from its surroundings (presumably so it can automatically adjust the heating and air-conditioning).

KODA - Kodasema - Estonia - Exterior 2 By Tree - Humble Homes


Its simple boxy shape allows for easier and faster construction, while also reducing the amount of waste. The two-storey home features a double-height living room to the front, followed by a kitchen, dining area and bathroom to the back.

KODA - Kodasema - Estonia - Exterior 3 Rear - Humble Homes

A flight of stairs takes you to the bedroom, which overlooks the living room below. The entire front facade is glazed allowing plenty of natural light to enter the home.

KODA - Kodasema - Estonia - Exterior 4 At Night - Humble Homes

Given that Koda isn’t particularly deep, there’s little need to introduce more windows on the other elevations. Although it does have a narrow strip window providing light to the bathroom and bedroom on the rear wall.

KODA - Kodasema - Estonia - Floor Plans - Humble Homes

There’s also a small mechanical room hidden away in a corner at the back of the house. It probably contains the home’s heating/cooling unit and whatever smart technology they’ve included.

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Via ArchDaily
Photos: Paul Kuimet

Niall Burke

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  1. Loved it..would like to have one..when I move back to New Zealand… is it possible to be exported?

    I am now in Argentina

  2. Very impressive
    Will these small homes ever be available in US ?
    How long to put together ?
    And estimated price .

    Thank You

  3. Most of thesmall or tiny houses I would like to purchase are not made in the USA. There are never any comments about usa Availabilty or pricing!

  4. to everyone above: guys, the link to the company website is right there, in the article. just write to them…

  5. Ironic isn’t it? Most of us in the “rest of the world” complain (mostly internally to ourselves) that most of the stuff available is only available in the US.

  6. Tobias, I know, seems to be a malady with most of humankind when on the internet. Can’t see the information for looking. Either that or it is just too darned hard and they have to ask the question. Classic case of /smh