Iya Turabelidze Mixes Contemporary Design and Minimalism in this Kiev Aparatment

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This apartment renovation from Kiev saw the removal of internal partitions in order to create a more open and flowing layout. The project was taken on board by the firm, Iya Turabelidze Studio.



The owner approached the designers and asked them to create a space fit for relaxing and hosting parties with friends. Completed in 2018, the property is now home to a minimalist interior filled with whites, grays and pastel colors.



Dubbed Puce Apartment, the unit is composed of a 753-square-feet (70-square-meter) space. Within that area there are about eight different living spaces, most of which flow into one another.


This space is an image, a metaphor for a mental outlook change. A shift from the noise and speed of the everyday life to a clean and logical being. – Iya Turabelidze


Surfaces have been finished with mostly muted tones throughout, helping to create that atmosphere of relaxation that the client asked for. Furniture pieces have been kept simple, and are contemporary in style.


With the partition walls removed, the designers had plenty of freedom to rejig the layout as they seen fit. Much of the space has been kept open plan. However, some areas (like the bedroom) can be closed off through the use of curtains and glass partitions.


Glass was selected because it will maintain light levels during the day, and can be used to non-intrusively divide up the space. At night, for more privacy, the owner can pull the curtains across the glazing.

We’ve discarded the old functional planning and created free space, separated only with glass walls and a hidden wardrobe system. – Iya Turabelidze


Photos © Mikhail Loskutov

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