Igor Glushan Creates a Cool Contemporary Interior in this Small Apartment

This apartment interior has been given a revamp by Russian designer, Ignor Glushan. Thanks to Igor, the small property now makes better use of the available space and features some smart, stylish ideas.


The apartment has a studio layout, where several living areas, including the bedroom, are found in a single room. How to create a comfortable interior with well defined “zones” can often be a challenge in such properties.

Neutral Apartment - Igor Glushan - Russia - Living Area - Humble Homes


Igor’s approach to the problem was to introduce a raised portion of the floor that was used to house the bedroom. This degree of separation is reinforced by the addition of a frosted glass wall.

Neutral Apartment - Igor Glushan - Russia - Sofa and Desk - Humble Homes


The glass wall clearly defines the different rooms, but still maintains a connection through lighting. Given that the room’s only window is found in the bedroom, the glass wall was probably also implemented out of necessity; the alternatives would have lead to a much darker, more dingy living room.

Neutral Apartment - Igor Glushan - Russia - Living Area 2 - Humble Homes

The angular shape of the wall allowed Igor to incorporate a small study desk/workstation. A dedicated space for work seems to be an increasingly important aspect in modern home builds and renovations, even if it is just a small nook.

Neutral Apartment - Igor Glushan - Russia - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The remainder of the studio is taken up by the living room, which is occupied by plush furniture and a TV. A neutral color scheme has been employed throughout, with artificial lighting used to boost light levels in certain areas.

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Photos: Igor Glushan

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  1. Like but too gray and needs railing for the stairs and more storage , possibly under the bed. I do like the openness but more storage is needed. Where is the person living in the place putting his clothes or books. Possible space could be incorporated at the desk feet area with 2 portable bookcases under the desk. Is there any storage area in the bathroom? Could the bed be raised so would have storage underneath. I did this and am doing this now with my own furniture.