The Hut by Koji Kakiuchi – A Small, Elegant Retreat

This little getaway has been designed by Japanese architecture firm, Koji Kakiuchi/Yaomitsu. It’s a simple structure with a simple name – “Hut”.


The Hut - A small space retreat by Koji Kakiuchi

Hut is a small shelter, elevated from the sloping ground of a forest in Nara, Japan. It was built as part of a project that explores traditional Japanese design elements. It features a simple rhythmic structure, composed of timber posts, and beams. The end result is this elegant, and beautifully finished little space that aims to connect the occupant with the surrounding forest.


The Hut - A small space retreat by Koji Kakiuchi

The 89 square foot retreat has a tapered cuboid form, clad with traditional charred timber panels. Usually, the hut tapers towards the front opening, helping to draw your eyes down to the forest below. Some of the best examples of ‘organic architecture’ blend in harmoniously with their surrounding environment. The Hut, on the other hand, disappears entirely due to the dense forest.


The Hut - A small space retreat by Koji Kakiuchi

Access is provided by a ladder (like all good lofted structures) that leads you through a small, treehouse-like hatch in the floor. The interior is finished with Japanese cedar, and divided into two main zones. The interior zone is enclosed and the outer is a sheltered, open terrace.

The Hut - A small space retreat by Koji Kakiuchi

This little project surmises all the aspects of Japanese architecture that I enjoy most – an appropriate response to the site, and simple, elegant design using quality materials.

The Hut - A small space retreat by Koji Kakiuchi

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