Huge House, Tiny Castle

The Château de Monte-Cristo is a country house initially commissioned by Alexandre Dumas, the main country house was built in 1846 and designed by French architect, Hippolyte Durand. While the main building is a massive building, Dumas also commissioned a much smaller writing studio – a sort of miniature castle. The writing studio is named after a setting from one of Dumas’ novels; Château d’If.


Main Country House, Château de Monte-Cristo

The Writing Studio, Château d'If


Château d'if and Gardens

Dumas' Workplace in Château d'if


Château d'if

Unfortunately for Dumas, he found himself short of money and in 1848 decided to sell the property. The properties were abandoned in the twentieth  century and fell into a state of disrepair until King Hassan II of Morocco financed the restoration, and since 1994 the two châteaux and gardens have been fully restored. The property is now a public history museum dedicated to Dumas.

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