Hudson Valley Guest House – A Small Minimalist Getaway by Janson Goldstein

This addition to a property in Upstate New York town, saw the construction of a pool and a guesthouse. Set in Hudson, the substantial 4-acre site sports views of the Hudson Valley and surrounding meadows.


The clients contact Janson Goldstein to oversee the project, from design to construction. The project, titled Hudson Valley Guest House, was completed back in 2015.

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The guest house covers an area of 1000-square-feet (92.90-square-meters). It’s been designed as a contemporary property, finished mostly in black, with translucent sheeting creating a lantern effect at night. During the day, the translucent panels take in more natural light without compromising the occupants privacy.

The interior is finished in a minimalist style. Trim is kept to a minimum, the walls are painted white, and there’s a sparse amount of furniture. Instead the guest house is decorated with views of the surrounding landscape. Large windows are positioned throughout the home, providing snapshots for the occupants.


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The house is split up into two different sections: one is dedicated to the actual home, the other – complete with separate access – serves as a gym. The entrance features a small deck, set into the footprint of the building. It leads through to the living room.

From the living room there’s a small corridor that takes you to the opposite end of the home, which contains the bedroom. The in-between space is filled with a small kitchen, and a substantial bathroom.

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  1. So, what is the room between the bathroom, the kitchen and the bedroom? No info in the legend provided. Wardrobe?