Historic Parisian Apartment Gets a Fresh New Look by Project Sabo

Set in the historic district of Montmartre in Paris, this small apartment has been revamped by local design firm SABO Project. Once a tired old apartment, it now has a fresh and bright feel to it, and is home to a young fashion designer.


Paris Apartment Renovation - Sabo Project - Paris - Living Area - Humble Homes

The owner approached SABO Project, tasking them with rejuvenating the unit. During the process the designers had to produce a new layout that would make better use of the available space. This involved the removal of existing partitions, making way for smarter room allocation and storage solutions.


Paris Apartment Renovation - Sabo Project - Paris - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The apartment is now divided into five main areas: the entrance and bathroom, the kitchen, living room, study and lofted bedroom. Each of these rooms is lined with storage. In several places the storage cabinets also serve as partition walls.


Paris Apartment Renovation - Sabo Project - Paris - Study - Humble Homes

The kitchen is composed of a long narrow galley, flanked with units on both sides. It features a vertical mini garden for growing fresh herbs. A multi-colored floor helps to bring some variety to the white and stainless steel finish.

Paris Apartment Renovation - Sabo Project - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The living room doubles as a dining area with a table in one corner. The storage cabinets here double up as an alternating tread staircase leading up to the loft bedroom. Recesses in the storage have been painted in a bright yellow to prevent the all-white finish from becoming overwhelming.

Paris Apartment Renovation - Sabo Project - Paris - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The other rooms such as the bedroom and study feature the same storage solutions as the other rooms – built-in floor-to-ceiling cabinets. Based on the floor plans it looks like there’s large roof terrace accessed from the loft. The total floor area is 775 square feet (72 square meters).

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  1. I like it but it needs a railing to go up the stairs. I would have like more storage area since I definitely like to read. I do not care for the kitchen floor. Is that tile or a carpet on the floor in the kitchen area? Sprills happen. It is easier to clean up tile or wood instead of carpet or rug in the kitchen. I definitely would like more pictures of the apartment especially the bathroom and more drawers in the bedroom. Does the apartment have a walk-in closet? I would not have used a yellow. It seems so harsh. Maybe a little misty yellow or a light blue, purple or aqua. It would make you think of the sky instead of a harsh yellow.