Happier Camper’s HC1 is a Retro Travel Trailer with Style

Called HC1 and produced byHappier Camper, this tiny reto-modern travel trailer features a modular furniture system to make the most of its limited interior. The design team behind the camper spent five years developing it, and are currently about to enter the first stages of production.


Happier Camper - Tiny Camper - California - Exterior - Humble Homes

The camper measures approximately 13-by-7 feet (3.9-by-2.1 meters) and has a floor area of around 42 square feet (3.9 square meters). It weighs 1,100 lbs – a far cry from tiny houses which are often set on trailers rated with a 10,000 lb payload – allowing it to be towed by small cars.


Happier Camper - Tiny Camper - California - Interior Living Area - Humble Homes

The shell is composed of fiberglass and is finished in a gel coating, the color of which you can specify. It features a rear hatch, side door, and three large (relative to its size) windows that provide plenty of natural light and panoramic views of whatever surrounding you happen to be in.


Happier Camper - Tiny Camper - California - Kitchenette - Humble Homes

The interior contains a furniture system that they’ve dubbed “Adaptiv” and consists of six components – a kitchenette, table, bench, cushion, floor panel and lid. The modular furniture pieces can be arranged to create a variety of living areas in minutes, from a lounge to a kitchenette, dining room, or bedroom.

Happier Camper - Tiny Camper - California - Bed - Humble Homes

The HC1 is intended for off-grid use and contains its own 100W solar panel to power its different electrical outlets. There’s also a heated shower, an awning, a Bose sound system, USB and AC sockets, and docking station for a tablet.

Happier Camper - Tiny Camper - California - On site - Humble Homes

The camper’s are to be produced in California and the basic version will cost $13,950. They also hope to expand to Europe and Asia within a year.

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