H House – A Surfers Contemporary Retreat in Chile by PAARQ Arquitectos

This modern boxy building serves as a retreat for a surfer in Chile. Located on a hillside at the end of a dirt road in Punta de Lobos, the house features sea views with one of the world’s best surfing spots on its doorstep. It’s been designed by a local firm called PAARQ Arquitectos who have called it “H House”.


H House - PAARQ Arquitectos - Chile - Exterior - Humble Homes

The house contains a total of 1,130 square feet (105 square meters) spread over two floor levels and a large exterior deck. H House features two main volumes: a large double height space for the public living areas, and smaller more private spaces, such as the bedroom and bathroom which are found on the upper level.


H House - PAARQ Arquitectos - Chile - Living Area - Humble Homes

The building is surrounded by eucalyptus and cypress trees. Being set on a hillside it had to integrate with the surrounding landscape, and also the neighboring homes. The house is simple in form and has a steel structure that’s used to create those large open rooms.


H House - PAARQ Arquitectos - Chile - Kitchen - Humble Homes

It’s clad in wood both inside and out, and has large floor-to-ceiling glass windows and patio doors along the length of the wall facing the sea. The wood provides a sense of warmth and cosiness, almost transforming the interior to something akin to a log cabin.

H House - PAARQ Arquitectos - Chile - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The first floor contains an open plan living room, kitchen and breakfast bar. To the back of the house there’s a bathroom/wetroom that can be access from the exterior decking. The second floor contains a generously-sized master bedroom, with a small seating area and a second bathroom.

H House - PAARQ Arquitectos - Chile - Floor Plans - Humble Homes

According to the architects, the house was built on stilts to help minimize disruption to the immediate landscape. The wood was also sourced locally, and the structure makes use of ventilated facade that allowed for greater thermal insulation.

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Photos: Paula Monroy

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