Guerilla Architects Create a Mobile Office to Combat Rent Rises

The idea of taking old caravans and trailers and converting them into mobile workplaces seems to be catching on among those with nomadic and on-site jobs. The latest venture into the realm of the moving office comes from the German firm, Guerilla Architects.


They’ve created “Bastian der Stadt:Symbiont”. It’s a mobile office designed specifically with architects in mind and aims to provide an alternative solution to the sky-high rent of commercial properties in Germany.



According to Guerilla Architects, the rising rental price of commercial premises is having a negative impact on the creative industries. The squeeze is resulting in unstable work and short-term contracts. They pitch Bastian der Stadt:Symbiont as an affordable alternative that can be used for the long-term, creating a more stable environment.



Unlike some other mobile offices, this one is tall enough to stand up in. The interior has been kitted out with a series of desks, tables and a small kitchenette. They’ve made use of simple materials and products. Inexpensive industrial shelving is used to prop up the desks, which are finished with plywood and OSB.


Their resourcefulness extends to the city environment; they’ve created a guide that shows you where to find public toilets, wifi and other amenities within Berlin. It also includes a handy explanation of where you can – and can’t – park within the city. The idea is to go where the work is: “Always in movement, the architect’s workspace and field of work merge on site.”


No doubt there are some more practical concerns, like heating during the colder winter months. However, it’s interesting to see what “hacks” people are producing in response to what seems to be an increasingly competitive and expensive environment.


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Photos: Guerilla Architects

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  1. It is just amazing how ingenious some people can be. The ability to think outside the square. Fantastic!!!