GREYCOUCH by IDEACOUCH – Small South Korean Home Features a Rooftop Pool

This project from the architecture firm, IDEACOUCH, saw the construction of a four-story home on a small plot of land in Seoul, South Korea. The size of the land forced the architects to build upwards, with one or two living spaces per floor.


The design of the home was lead by architec Jaesun Kim. Dubbed GREYCOUCH, it was completed in 2017.



The house has a footprint of 19.3-by-18.3 feet square (5.8-by-5.6 meters square) and an overall floor area of 1,345.49-square-feet (125-square-meters) spread evenly over its four floors.



The exterior of GREYCOUCH almost looks unfinished thanks to its partly exposed concrete frame and inset concrete brickwork. You could be forgiven for confusing it for an office building. However, thanks to its grey finish, it stands out against the backdrop of the neighborhood, which is largely finished in red brick.


The interior gives way to a lighter space, finished in a variety of materials and colors. You’ll find white and light blue wall surfaces, stripped carpet and warm wood. The number of colors and textures give the home quite a busy look, despite not being crammed with furniture and other belongings.


Window openings appear to be quite limited in size; whether this down to budget or privacy it unclear. The ground floor looks to be used as an office (no plan was available for this floor), while the subsequent floors are used for the residence. The second floor contains a bedroom, and a toilet with a separate shower.


The third serves as a kitchen/dining area and living room. The fourth has another bedroom, again, with a separate toilet and shower. The fourth floor also comes equipped with a terrace that can apparently double as a small pool in the summer months. The project was completed on a budget of $250,000.


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Photos © Taehyun Ryu

Niall Burke

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