Getaway – Stay in a Tiny House for $99 with this New Hampshire Startup

For those of your that would like to trial tiny house living before committing to it, there’s a new startup by the name of Getaway that will give you a taste of the lifestyle.


The company was born out of Harvard University and provides people with the opportunity to test drive a tiny house for $99 per night.

Getaway Tiny House - Millennial Housing Lab Harvard - Boston - Exterior - Humble Homes


Getaway operates out of a small site in rural New Hampshire and is the first project launched by the Millennial Housing Lab, an innovation lab founded by Harvard students, Jon Staff and Peter Davis. According to their manifesto, Getaway aims to “help grow the tiny house movement”.

Getaway Tiny House - Millennial Housing Lab Harvard - Boston - Living Room - Humble Homes


The wooded site can be found two hours north of Boston and is home to a few tiny houses, each of which has been designed by a team of students. Their first home has been dubbed Ovida and can sleep up to four people.

Getaway Tiny House - Millennial Housing Lab Harvard - Boston - Living Room 2 - Humble Homes

Ovida measures approximately 160 square feet and is kitted out with a composting toilet, solar powered electricity, and propane heating. It also comes stocked with food, plenty of blankets, flannel sleeping bags, marshmallow sticks (because that’s what tiny house living is really about, marshmallows) etc.

Getaway Tiny House - Millennial Housing Lab Harvard - Boston - Bedroom and Dining Area - Humble Homes

From Davis: “There’s a huge gap between people who post stories to Facebook about living in tiny houses and people who actually live in one. We want to add a rung to the ladder so people can ‘test drive’ a tiny house.” I have to agree here. I think there are lots of people fascinated by tiny houses, but relatively few actually ever get to step inside one and see how it could meet their own needs.

Getaway Tiny House - Millennial Housing Lab Harvard - Boston - Bedroom Nook - Humble Homes

Getaway operates on a profit share with the landowner.They also intend to build three more student-designed units in the near future, with the aim of completing 12 over the course of the next year.

For more tiny houses check out Artisan’s Retreat, a 250 square foot tiny house by Handcrafted Movement. Or, Marjolein Jonker’s contemporary tiny house on wheels from The Netherlands. See all tiny houses.

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