Fulham Pavilion – A Multifunctional Space for Work, Play and Hobbies

This backyard studio can be found in the area of Fulham in London. The once derelict shed has been converted into a small but flexible space for an artist couple and their child.


The project was undertaken by the architecture firm Silver & Co.. The clients challenged them to transform the space into one that was capable of accommodating work, hobbies, play and storage.

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In addition to the functions mentioned previously, it also has to occasionally serve as a gallery, or guest house. The shed had to cater for these functions all within a space that measures 452.08-square-feet (42-square-meters). The project, which is titled Fulham Pavilion, was completed in 2016 with architect Satchel Tang leading it.

Due to its size and intended use, lighting was an important aspect. The walls of Fulham Pavilion have been painted a plain white, while large windows can be found along the front face of the building. These are complimented by smaller side windows at the clients workstations and a large overhead skylight.


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With such a small space to operate out of, the architects had to come up with some ideas for hiding various elements. The raised floor hides a sunken bed that can be revealed by mechanically raising a central portion of the floor. The kitchenette can also be hidden from view by a series of sliding plywood panels.

Those same plywood panels can also be shifted to reveal a large artist’s wash-up sink, and the bathroom (complete with a sink, toilet and shower). To accommodate their need for “play”, a folded table-tennis table can be found stowed away within the floor-to-ceiling storage units.

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The exterior of Fulham Pavilion sports a heated veranda, creating a space where the family can enjoy the garden, no matter the weather. The studio receives direct sunlight, but is also equipped with shades to prevent the interior from getting too warm.

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