Forest House is a Tiny Work/Sleep Retreat from Vietnam

This project, simply titled Forest House, can be found along the edge of a forest in Vietnam. The structure was built to act as a temporary residential space for two people.


Forest House was designed by the architect Chu Văn Đông, who also overseen its construction. The project was wrapped up in 2017, with the architect hoping others will follow suit in the creation of small, simple and affordable housing.



The property is set along the slopes of mountain in the region of Sóc Sơn, Vietnam. It’s perched on two steel columns to the front, and backs onto a small hill at the rear.



A dirt road road provides access to the getaway. The building itself is tiny, and measures just 129.17-square-feet (12-square-meters). But, for what it lacks in size it makes up for in elegance.


Forest House is clad both inside and out with wood. It’s a local resource that’s available in abundance. The most luxurious feature of the tiny getaway, is the the front window. It covers the entirety of the front gable-end wall.


The windowed-wall offers fantastic views of the forests and mountains in the distance. It also brings in plenty of natural light to combat the darkness of all that wood.


The layout, like the rest of the property, is simple. The entrance door leads through to a living/sleeping area with a wood stove. A partition wall blocks off a toilet and sink. On the outside, there’s also a Jacuzzi to take advantage of.


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Niall Burke

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