The F House in Normandie by Lode Architecture

Set in Normandie, France, this small cabin has been designed by Amaud Locoste and Jerome Vincon of Lode Architecture. The cabin, called The F House, has been built on the foundation footprint of an existing barn on the one hectare site.


F House - Weekend Cabin - Lode Architecture - Normandie France - Exterior - Humble Homes

The barns foundation informed the new cabins foundation, keeping it relatively small (4.5-by-12 meters, or 14.7-by-39.3 feet). The dwelling contains a total of 90 square meters (979 square feet) of usable floor space spread over two levels. The house has been designed to embrace simplicity, but also features a few luxuries.


F House - Weekend Cabin - Lode Architecture - Normandie France - Kitchen - Humble Homes

Intended to be sympathetic to the site, the F House is simple in form, and resembles the existing barn. It features a timber frame structure that’s clad with red pine boards, a slate roof, and is oriented to take advantage of the sun. While simple in appearance, the building has some innovative technologies, like a ground heat exchanger that ensures they always have fresh warm air when needed.


F House - Weekend Cabin - Lode Architecture - Normandie France - Dining - Humble Homes

The interior of the home is largely minimalist in style. The floors look to be black polished concrete on the ground floor, and black painted wood in the loft. The walls are mostly clad with 4×8 sheets of plywood, creating a sense of warmth. Large windows are found throughout the ground floor to provide plenty of natural light. The sleeping loft on the other hand, contains smaller well positioned windows so the sunlight isn’t overbearing in the morning.

F House - Weekend Cabin - Lode Architecture - Normandie France - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The ground floor contains a stylish galley kitchen that faces a series of patio doors that look out over the site. There’s also a living area, a sparse dining room, and a rather luxurious bathroom. The bath itself is set in the middle of the living room, next to a wood-burning stove, and can be lit up with LED lights, allowing it to glow from within.

F House - Weekend Cabin - Lode Architecture - Normandie France - Bathroom - Humble Homes

By walking up the open tread timber staircase, you’ll be taken into the home’s sleeping area. It contains a number of smaller bunks, presumably for the kids, that are set above the windows. The master bedroom can be found at the end of the room, without any partition walls to separate it from the main space.

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  1. This house has some beautiful features, but I would be really frustrated standing in the kitchen with my back to those beautiful windows & the landscape beyond, not to mention the shadows that would be cast without some kind of additional lighting in front of me. There is nothing more depressing than staring at a wall while doing dishes. I think houses with that particular feature were probably designed by people who don’t do dishes too often.

  2. Love everything. Great design. The netting on the staircase is a great feature. If I were building in less of a rural area, would have a shower as well. Please sell the building plans… this home is the essential goal for myself and my boys.