An Extension To A Train Car Home in Chile by Crescente Böhme Alemparte

Located in the region of Caragena, Chile, this small home had an upper level added to it by the architects, Crescente Böhme Alemparte. The property is set on a strip of land measuring approximately 33-by-66 feet (10-by-20 meters), with the new addition containing 377 square feet (35 square meters) of living space.


Coupled Wagon House - Crescente Böhme Alemparte - Chile - Exterior - Humble Homes

The site was originally home to a disused train car, which had been converted into a long narrow dwelling by the owner. However, since 2010 the property has been under the ownership of a retired English teacher. She decided to revamp her home, and contacted the architects about an extension.


Coupled Wagon House - Crescente Böhme Alemparte - Chile - View from Bedroom - Humble Homes

To make the most of the site, they repositioned the train car, setting it diagonally across the narrow patch of land. This allowed the designers to provide the owner with better views of the sea, while also making minimal impact on the surrounding grounds.


Coupled Wagon House - Crescente Böhme Alemparte - Chile - Staircase - Humble Homes

The owner asked for an extension that would feature a bedroom, living room, bathroom and a terrace. A simple floor plan of 20-by-17 feet (6.2-by-5.3 meters) was devised, and construction on the structure was set in place. The addition is made mostly from metal, and is almost entirely separate from the train car.

Coupled Wagon House - Crescente Böhme Alemparte - Chile - Wagon on Trailer - Humble Homes

The train car contains a number of living spaces set out in very defined blocks. From the front there’s a small terrace, followed by a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom. A staircase connects the two components, and leads up to a small landing that’s flanked with storage units.

Coupled Wagon House - Crescente Böhme Alemparte - Chile - First Floor - Humble Homes

Coupled Wagon House - Crescente Böhme Alemparte - Chile - Second Floor - Humble Homes

The extension’s simple layout doesn’t differentiate between living areas; they’ve kept it all open plan with furniture items providing some definition rather than walls or screens. It all helps to create a more private and comfortable room for the owner, particularly when guests and family are staying overnight.

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Photos: Crescente Bohme Architects

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