EXP 6 – An Off-Road Camper by Bruder for Luxurious Getaways

Off-road camping (or arguably, glamping) has been taken to new heights in recent years with companies introducing high-end trailers, capable of traversing rugged terrain while also providing you with a home on the road.


This trailer, dubbed the EXP 6, is latest release from the Australian company Bruder. It features a durable exterior with a much more refined and luxurious interior.

Exp 6 Off Raod Camper - BruderX - Australia - Exterior 3 - Humble Homes


The EXP 6 is accessed from the back; the tailgate pops up, acting as a mini-porch and revealing the entrance door. The camper is comparable to a tiny house on wheels and measures 22-by-6.5 feet in size. The unit is built on a chassis capable of supporting up to 11 times its own weight.

Exp 6 Off Raod Camper - BruderX - Australia - Exterior 2 - Humble Homes


Unlike tiny houses, the EXP 6 has been designed for a life on the road. The body is designed match the towing vehicles track, allowing for easier navigation, and removing the need for special mirrors. High-density rubber has also been employed to minimize vibrations and shocks to the interior of the cabin.

Exp 6 Off Raod Camper - BruderX - Australia - Exterior 1 - Humble Homes

On the inside, you’ll find a comfortable modern finish, capable of accommodating up to four people. There’s a permanent queen-size bed to the front, with a convertible sofa bed found in the center. There’s also an internal fridge, plenty of storage cabinets, and a TV/control panel.

Exp 6 Off Raod Camper - BruderX - Australia - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

A bathroom, complete with a shower, can be found to one corner. Yet more storage, a cooktop, and a kitchen area can be found once the side awning is raised. It can also be accessed from the inside, through a series of sliding panel doors.

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  1. Why am I reminded of a piece of military equipment? I half expected the photos to show hatches and a gun turret.

  2. Looks like a munted tank. Nowhere near as aesthetically pleasing as the conqueror commander, also from Australia.

    Oh, and comes with a price tag of $AU 105,000+

    OK, so who’s gonna order 3 of these??? lqtm

  3. I like the exp 6 off road van. what does it cost and availability ?
    cheers Gary.