Even DJ’s Need a Mountainside Retreat – Cadi Arquitetura’s Lake House

As a DJ sometimes you just need to kick back and relax. Sometimes you need to kick back and relax at a cozy cottage that’s set at the foot of a lake. That’s exactly what the 26-year-old owner of this property does.


Cadi Arquitetura were responsible for taking on the task of designing a unique retreat for their client, a DJ. The project was completed in 2017 and can be found in Imigrante, Brazil.



The property, dubbed Lake House by the architects, is set on an area of 1033.33-square-feet (96-square-meters). It’s located on a mountain range that surrounds the city of Imigrante. It’s proximity to the city makes it the ideal refuge for the owner, who can make a quick escape at any opportunity.



Because the cabin was intended for temporary recreational use, it doesn’t actually have any bedrooms. From the architects: “The concept of the project started from the idea of ​​a cabin since the surroundings have an artificial lake of more than one thousand square meters of area. The cabin is only used for leisure and therefore does not have dorms.”


Instead, the property is kitted out with a spacious living area, kitchen and dining room. The dining area takes advantage of the lakeside views and features large openings to maintain a connection with the outside environment. On the exterior there’s also a substantial wooden deck.


According to the architects, the inspiration for the design of the building was taken from nature: “The nature of the place and the rustic style were the inspiration for the design of the hut where we used a lot of wood and Jacarandá stones in their raw state, that is, without mortar between them reminiscent of the existing taipas in the place…


… In the external area, we interfere as little as possible, because the objective was to maintain the more natural and organic air that the property has, using only parallelepiped marking the accesses. The only element designed was a sitting near the lake, with decking bench and a floor grill also used as fireplace.”


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Photos © Cristiano Bauce

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