Estudio BRA Creates a Bright and Airy Apartment in São Paulo

This new-build apartment from Brazil attempts to make the most of its rather limited floor area. The property can be found in the densely populated city of São Paulo.


A local studio by the name of Estúdio BRA were enlisted by the client to tackle spacial issues and introduce a modern aesthetic. They’ve dubbed the project Cazo Apartment.



With a floor area of just 409.03-square-feet (38-square-meters), the architects had their work cut out for them. However, under the guidance of Alanna Scarcelli, and Júlia Brückmann, they’ve managed to pull it off. The result of their efforts is a bright, colorful property that capitalizes on every inch of space available.



Strategies were developed in order to minimize disruption between the individual zones of the open plan layout. Tall furniture pieces were grouped together, rather than spread out. Storage units were also placed along the apartments perimeter to prevent it breaking up the flow.


From the architects: “Because it was a limited space, the tall furniture had to be concentrated. It was decided to join all the items that could generate visual barriers in blocks and lean them against the few walls of the single dormitory apartment… the floorplan breathes in the best possible way and leaves the residents in constant contact with the view of the city”


The entrance leads through to an open plan kitchen/living area that leads through to an office and utility area. The main living space sports a wall covered with mirrors, creating the illusion of a room that’s much larger than it actually is. The second room in the property is dedicated to the bedroom, with the bathroom sectioned off in a corner.


From the architects: “The materials are simple answers to the needs of each space, the blue and green joinery have been coated with an industrialized high-strength laminate and the furniture of the living area and the mini office have received natural pine blade.”


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Photos © Maíra Acayaba

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