ESCAPE – A Rustic Retreat In Canoe Bay

Believe it or not, this rustic looking cabin in the woods is actually classified as an RV. Called ESCAPE, the cabin is an amazing little retreat that can be moved from one location to another thanks to it being loaded on a trailer.


ESCAPE RV Canoe Bay - Rustic Eco Retreat - Small House - Humble Homes

The retreat is just 400 square feet in size, and is approximately 14-by-28 foot. So, you’ll probably not be moving it all that often as you’re likely to need a permit and a police escort, but having the option for a change of scenery is always a bonus.


ESCAPE RV Canoe Bay - Rustic Eco Retreat - Small House - Living Room - Humble Homes

The ESCAPE cabin is clad, both inside and out, with sustainably harvested cedar – great for the environmentally conscious. According to the builder, the getaway was designed “with the sensibilities of Frank Lloyd Wright in mind” and aim’s to “become one with nature with virtually no carbon footprint.” Frankly, the virtually-no-carbon-footprint thing is nonsense, but it’s good to see recyclable and sustainably produced materials being used in construction.


ESCAPE RV Canoe Bay - Rustic Eco Retreat - Small House - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The cabin features a rather luxurious screened porch. The interior contains two main living areas: an open plan kitchen, dining and living room, and a bedroom with a large (relatively speaking) en-suite. The living areas are more generously proportioned than that of your typical tiny house, and it also comes with all the mod-cons, flat-screen TV, fireplace, large stove etc. The interior of the ESCAPE is pretty far removed from what you’d expect from an RV.

ESCAPE RV Canoe Bay - Rustic Eco Retreat - Small House - Porch - Humble Homes

The ESCAPE arrives at the owner’s site fully-finished, all you have to do is hook it up to the utilities. You can also purchase several “add-ons” for the model, from steam showers to built-in sound systems. Or if you’d like to experience a stay in the house first you can find it at Canoe Bay.

ESCAPE RV Canoe Bay - Rustic Eco Retreat - Small House - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

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Photos: Escape/Canoe Bay

Niall Burke

Structural engineer by day, tiny house designer by night. Niall has a keen interest in small spaces, green design, and sustainability. He started developing Humble Homes while studying for his masters degree in engineering. He is the founder and managing editor of Humble Homes.

  1. Would love to consider something like this for the youth camp that I run in East Texas. Where can I get more info on adapting to a bunkhouse and pricing?

  2. It’s absolutely stunning. Shelia is right though, at $250/sq ft, it is pricey. You can get something high end at the $200-$230/sq ft range. Although this is portable so you are paying for that feature.

  3. Absolutely gorgeous! A house that is mobile ALWAYS costs more per square footage than a non-mobile house. It also has extremely nice materials used. Beautiful wood! I’m sure it could cost less if you wanted lower quality materials used. I think $100,000. for that house is incredible! To have a beautiful, luxurious and roomy house able to be moved is awesome! I like the freedom of being able to relocated if desired. There are not many houses on the market for only $100,000, certainly not this beautiful! Thank you. Connie :)

  4. Connie, you must live in California. By the time you pay $250 per square foot and factor in the land and preparation and utility installation, driveway, etc. you’re talking a very expensive vacation house.

  5. I love this house plan! hopefully, someday, I will have the money to buy one of these? I will certainly add it to my growing collection to place I. My dream folder. Thank you for sharing.

  6. Sorry, but the floorplan and the illustrations do not ‘compute’!
    It would be nice if the proportions on the plan were an ywhere realiistic.

  7. The floorplan and pictures seems pretty accurate to me. I did have a couple of questions – is that a washer/dryer in the closet in the kitchen? Is that a closet or dresser in the bedroom? Is the porch counted in the square footage (and price) or is the 14×28 just the home part? Is there central heat and air or wall or window units? Thanks.

  8. Awesome! Could make an amazing hunting & camping cabin for my land instead of building a solid structure. I would customize the porch into another bedroom, but other than that it looks amazing and cozy. Well done!

  9. I know $100K is a little steep, but if the Escape comes complete with the appliances, TV, FP, etc, like the finished kitchen….and actually portable…’s a quality purchase! The finishes thru-out are impressive.

  10. Where I live in Canada I can build a pretty nice home for $230/sq ft and that’s because I know some suppliers. For $250/sq ft and it’s portable, that’s a pretty good deal. They deliver it to your location fully built and ready to go. The whole point of getting this structure is that it’s portable and also since it’s classified as an RV, you don’t have to property tax on a home. To me, that’s worth the extra $20/sq ft.

  11. I would give them $20,000. I am surprised no one has filed a price gouging charge on them yet.

  12. I agree this RV/cabin is way overpriced at 240 a sq ft it’s almost criminal the valuation I would place on this cabin as a broker in Florida with all the bells and whistles keeping in mind no property taxes and being portable would be 100 a sq ft no more no way.

  13. I would like to get more info on models and prices. Where can I see a models?

  14. I am looking for tiny house plan on a 1,000 square foot build as two story with basement main is as a 1,000 square feet ok

  15. Hi I like your tiny house. How can I contact a builder on the east coast. We live in Pennsylvania now.? Could your sent me a price list and more choices of floor plans.
    thank you karen

  16. I intend to make a additional building added to one existing wall of the existing house. The Dimension are approx L 10m. d 5. and h 3.5 m with a one side sliding Roof maching the balcony height of the existing house.
    please approx costs per square meter. and where are you located and can you deliver to Thailand?
    Thank you
    Walter Gerber

  17. Just beautiful. My condo was 923 square feet, so I am ready. The fact that it is registered as an RV is such a plus. No property tax, wonderful!

  18. Niall Burke, I love this little house so much! What sort of price are we looking at for this model on today’s market?

  19. Are the floor plans for ESCAPE (rustic retreat in canoe bay) available for sale. I love this little home.

  20. I have lived in one of these for about 2 years and loved every minute. The big picture windows overlook the waterfront on Lake Travis in Austin, TX. What a wonderful view and I love the screened porch.
    I am thinking of getting on for my 5 acre lot overlooking Echo Lake and the mountains in Colorado.

  21. How do I find out about the availability of this tiny house or the plans, if available? Is there a distributor in Texas?