Dublin Garage Converted Into A Quiet Little Home by TAKA

What was once originally a run-of-the-mill garage has been converted into a small, self-contained living space by the Irish architecture studio, TAKA. Set on Waterloo Lane in the bustling city of Dublin, the conversion draws heavily on the immediate surroundings to create a “little world of its own”.


Waterloo Road - Small House - TAKA - Dublin - Kitchen 2 - Humble Homes

Along Waterloo Lane, the houses typically contain garages for off-street parking. However, this house also had a small plot of land that was converted into a sheltered parking space, allowing the client to get planning permission for the conversion.


Waterloo Road - Small House - TAKA - Dublin - Entrance and Kitchen - Humble Homes

The rolling garage door has been replaced by a large window, and a series of plants that jut out from the wall line. The entire area shown in the floor plans was not part of the original garage. The house featured a narrow kitchen and separate living room to the back of the property.


Waterloo Road - Small House - TAKA - Dublin - Window View - Humble Homes

TAKA decided to open up these rooms to create a much more generous living space. The kitchen was then moved into the area previously occupied by the garage. To maintain privacy, the kitchen window features a folded steel screen that restricts views into the house.

Waterloo Road - Small House - TAKA - Dublin - Dining Area - Humble Homes

From the architects: “It’s very unusual in those lanes to have a living space opening directly onto the lane at the ground floor. The screen allows a feeling of openness from inside but from the outside you’re always passing obliquely so it gives a sense of privacy.”

Waterloo Road - Small House - TAKA - Dublin - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

Other than the kitchen, there’s also a dining area, living room, toilet towards the entrance, a small garden to the rear of the building, and a parking space to the side of it. To take advantage of the garden views and natural light, a picture window was installed: “The new window replaces two standard sliding doors and is intended to guide the eye up towards the mature trees that add to the feeling of space.”

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Photos: Alice Clancy

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  1. This is beautiful. Have you thought about doing an artist colony or senior living tiny space?
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