Dream/Dive Platform – A Back-to-Basics Sleep and Play Retreat by Studio North

Overlooking Bobs Lake in Ontario, Canada, this small simple structure acts as a basic summertime retreat. It’s been designed by local design firm, Studio North, and was completed back in 2015.


Dubbed Dream/Dive Platform, the structure is set on a plot that measures 688.89-square-feet (64-square-meters) and has been created with the intent of fulfilling two functions: sleep and play.

Dream Studio North Canada Exterior 1 Humble Homes


It’s been constructed from salvaged materials and some new 2-by-4’s from the local lumber yard. It’s form, according to the designers, is a direct result of the materials and tools that were readily available.

Dream Studio North Canada Exterior 2 Humble Homes


Dream Studio features a basic frame with a canvas that can be rolled over the roof to make it suitable for overnight stays. The main body of the retreat is taken up by a bed.

Dream Studio North Canada Exterior 3 Humble Homes

The front portion of the unit contains a cantilevered deck that extends out towards the lake and acts as a diving platform. From the designers: “The structure is stripped down to its essentials to support two elemental functions, sleeping and play. A simple waxed canvas is unrolled over the hut for when the weather gets gnarly.”

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“This dreaming platform was a collaborative weekend project at the family cottage. The screened in hut is the new favourite spot for star gazing on beautiful summer nights and the cantilevered diving platform replaces the need for coffee in the morning!”

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