Disused Bus Makes For A Swanky Modern Home

Have you noticed the amount of bus conversions taking place recently? I’ve noticed a number of these bus-cum-homes popping up on different sites within the last month or so, and it’s about time I shared one.


Disused Bus Converted into a Stylish Home

Two women from Even Yehuda, Israel, converted this decommissioned bus into a stylish modern home. Tali Shaul and Hagit Morevski collaborated together on the project with the aim of creating an affordable alternative to traditional housing.


Disused Bus Converted into a Stylish Home

The duo have very different backgrounds – Tali is a a psychotherapist and Hagit is an ecological pond water treatment specialist – neither profession necessarily lends itself to the re-constructive surgery that their bus underwent. (Not that you’d be able to tell from the end result.)


Disused Bus Converted into a Stylish Home

They purchased an old public bus from a scrapyard, and enlisted Vered Sofer Drori to assist them with the design. The bus has a footprint of 2 by 12m (6.5′ by 39′) and required several ‘outside-of-the-box’ solutions to make the transformation from an old disused bus to a modern home.

Disused Bus Converted into a Stylish Home

They produced a design which would work around the existing window and doors openings, and the interior wheel wells. The aim was to preserve the bus’ character, while incorporating several living areas, including a kitchen, dining area, bathroom, bedroom, and storage compartments. They also installed air-conditioning to help with the hot weather.

Disused Bus Converted into a Stylish Home

The result of their endeavours is a very swanky, comfortable, and modern-looking home. Tali and Hagit are now looking for a local buyer for their unique tiny house.

Is it a green solution to housing? No, not really in my opinion, but it is interesting. Unusual spaces often make some of the most intriguing and characteristic homes. This bus conversion is no different in that respect.

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  1. If I am interested in buying it, who do I contact? I will be in Israel from Jan. 1 to March 3, 2015.