Denis Svirid’s Small, Stylish Apartment in the Ukraine

Rising costs associated with real estate in big cities is forcing people to reevaluate their needs – both size and location. Architect Denis Svirid believes that downsizing to a small apartment is a viable solution to the problem, and it doesn’t necessarily mean giving up your creature comforts, as demonstrated by this small living space in Odessa, Ukraine.


Small Apartment in Odessa Ukraine by Denis Svirid - Living Room - Humble Homes

The original apartment was reconstructed with the addition of a mansard floor to provide the owners with their own private space for their bedroom and bathroom. To save money, Svirid kept the location of the kitchen and bathroom in their original place. The kitchen was opened up to create a single open plan space that flows from one zone to another – kitchen, dining, living, and drawing room – that occupies just 11 square meters (118 square feet).


Small Apartment in Odessa Ukraine by Denis Svirid - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The drawing room is located under the staircase, doubling up on what would have otherwise been waste space, or a large storage cupboard. The stair treads also double up as storage space with pull out cabinets embedded into the structure.


Small Apartment in Odessa Ukraine by Denis Svirid - Bathroom - Humble Homes

The decision to create a mansard floor instead of a full second floor simplified the planning process for the reconstruction of the apartment, and also helped to further reduce the costs. The new renovated home is just 2.7 meters wide (8.9 feet) and it has a total floor area of just 35 square meters (377 square feet).

Small Apartment in Odessa Ukraine by Denis Svirid - Bedroom - Humble Homes

A downstairs bathroom can be found adjacent to the kitchen on the ground floor. The more private bathroom can be found directly above this on the mansard floor, which also contains the bedroom and a walk-in storage closets. The smart planning solutions in the cramped space help to make the apartment feel comfortable and functional, capable of meeting the needs of one or two people.

Small Apartment in Odessa Ukraine by Denis Svirid - Floor Plans - Humble Homes

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