Dave Moult’s Timeless Steampunk Teardrop Trailer

Teardrop trailers come in many shapes and sizes, but this is probably the only steampunk teardrop trailer you’ll find on the road. It’s been built by Dave Moult who likes to mix different odds and ends to create Victorian-esque pieces.


Dave Moult - Steampunk Teardrop Trailer - Exterior Front - Humble Homes

Moult has used a variety of different metals, leather and woods to produce the trailer. A lot of the parts have been sourced from eBay, bought at car-boot sales, or have just been discarded by others and re-purposed to fit in with his creation.


Dave Moult - Steampunk Teardrop Trailer - Exterior - Humble Homes

The materials themselves are often cheap, but the number of hours it’s taken to design, build and tinker with the teardrop have quickly added up: “Our current build started in August last year and has had hundreds of hours put into it so far, and we still haven’t finished.”


Dave Moult - Steampunk Teardrop Trailer - Interior Chandalier - Humble Homes

The exterior of the teardrop is finished with a copper roof and wood plank side-walls. There’s also a small sink bowl fastened to the right-hand-side that can be folded away when on the road. A central raised section provides a sort of light well with a number of oddly-shaped porthole like windows.

Dave Moult - Steampunk Teardrop Trailer - Storage - Humble Homes

The interior is just as idiosyncratic as the exterior. There are wood walls with a white-painted ceiling, and leather seating that runs along and up the sides of the teardrop. A funky chandelier hangs from the ceiling, and was actually fashioned out of an old coffee pot.

Dave Moult - Steampunk Teardrop Trailer - Rear Kitchen - Humble Homes

The trunk of the trailer contains a small kitchen area, with a rather fancy silver coffee urn. The overall effect of the different items gives it a nautical theme. Who wouldn’t love to take on a project of such fantastical whimsy?

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Photos: Dave Moult

Niall Burke

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  1. This guy is a creative genius. I’m no fan of teardrops but this is amazing. I only wish there were more pictures of the interior; like a 360 panavision so we could take in the whole interior treatment. LOVE the library and the rest of the ambience. Is he available to build a Tiny House on Wheels (THOW)?

  2. I love this teardrop it is so rustic and looks so comfy. any pics of the interior?

  3. This is a REALLY nice build, but I can’t help but wonder if the copper sink located on the side near the back hatch would be some kind of traffic hazard.

  4. Lisa… the copper sink fold down against the body of the trailer. Thus, in doing so takes up a far smaller profile thereby eliminating the road hazard… ye gads, did I write that? Should get a job working for the gummint!

  5. Thank you for letting me know about the drop-down sink. Whew! What a relief. I had visions of car doors being gutted a la James Bond.

    I still have to agree with myself that Dave is a genius; this thing is definitely gorgeous, and once again encourage him to think about building a Tiny House on Wheels. I bet it would be a museum piece at the very least! Thanks, again. :D