Container Bed by Dielle Raises the Bar on Built-In Bed Storage

If you can’t seem to find enough room for all your stuff, then this bed may be for you. It’s been designed by the Italian furniture maker Dielle and is intended specifically for those that are low on storage, or space, or both.


Bed with Storage - Dielle - Italy - Bed Closed - Humble Homes

The unit’s been aptly named Container Bed. It features a normal bed that’s capable of being raised and lowered to reveal the enclosed storage below. The mechanism is similar to a Murphy Bed, however a Murphy Bed is generally aimed at providing you with more free space.


Bed with Storage - Dielle - Italy - Door Open - Humble Homes

Combining storage and beds isn’t a new idea, but typical solutions come in the form of pull-out drawers. Dielle’s solution is effectively a mini walk-in closet. The cabinets are all customizable allowing you to arrange them around your belongings.


Bed with Storage - Dielle - Italy - Bed Lifted - Humble Homes

Container Bed has been designed as a modular unit, allowing you to add items such as a small staircase (although due to the mattresses height above the ground you could argue that this is a necessity), or additional closet space if needed.

Bed with Storage - Dielle - Italy - Storage - Humble Homes

Multifunctional furniture pieces go hand-in-hand with small homes – you’ve got capitalize on what little space you have. One thing that isn’t mentioned is cost, and if you’re familiar with these types of Italian furniture pieces, you’ll know they can cost a pretty penny.

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