Conqueror’s UEV440 Luxurious Camper Costs $62,700

Perhaps this trailer is the next stage in the evolution of the once humble camper. Dubbed the Urban Escape Vehicle, or UEV for short, and designed by the Australian company Conqueror, this travel trailer sets out to meet all your needs while on the road (or off-road) in one relatively small package.


Urban Escape Vehicle - UEV440 - Conqueror - Australia - Exterior - Humble Homes

The trailers full name is the UEV440, and it features more pop-ups and pull-outs than a Swiss Army Knife, from wine glasses to a stove, and a flat-screen TV. Conqueror, the company which produces these all-terrain campers, has spent the last two decades refining and developing the series to make them among the most rugged and versatile campers on the market.


Urban Escape Vehicle - UEV440 - Conqueror - Australia - Wash Basin - Humble Homes

The UEV440 is designed to provide its users almost all the facilities of a modern home – as it turns out, you can go camping with everything including the kitchen sink. The camper has a two-burner stove, a double sink, kitchen storage compartments, a hot water system, interior heating and air-conditioning, a microwave, shower, fridge and a DVD player for its flat-screen TV.


Urban Escape Vehicle - UEV440 - Conqueror - Australia - Dishes - Humble Homes

When using the UEV you don’t have to worry about finding a suitable flat surface for sleeping – the main sleeping space is located within the main chassis of the trailer and a pop-up roof ensures that there’s plenty of headroom. Tarps and insect screens help to keep out the rain and bugs, and the interior is pressurised to prevent the build-up of dust.

Urban Escape Vehicle - UEV440 - Conqueror - Australia - Back - Humble Homes

Each unit can be customised to the owner’s needs, which is great because this thing will set you back around $62,700 US. Don’t worry; for the rest of us there’s still the humble tent.

For more on campers check out the GO Pop Up camper which is essentially a less luxurious, and hence much cheaper version of the UEV440. Or this award winning camper called “The Awning” that was produced by the Dutchman, Eduard Bohtlingk. See all camping.

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  1. Ridiculous price .
    Another example of the world ” gone mad “.
    That kind of money buys you a lot of five star hotel comforts.

  2. Probably not. But then, it probably isin’t bare proof either. Let’s not even get into mosquitos, vampires or werewolves…. ; )

  3. Paul …

    I could think of many destinations I would rather go for spending that kind of money on a glorified chuck wagon. Not to mention the added cost of a suitable tow vehicle.
    And the fuel to get there…the bush flies , ticks and snakes are at a bargain price though….

    Actually , there are five star outback venues , and African Safaris…….

  4. …and therein lies your answer doesn’t it? What suits you probably wouldn’t suit me. And no, I’m not a camper type person. But some are and want to have a hard shell camp, and are willing to pay for it. Diffrnt Strokes for Diffrnt Folks. That’s what makes the world go around.

  5. actually, Australia does have bears… they are called Koalas… google it and look at the piccies.

  6. Well , no it doesn`t.( have bears ).

    Those marsupials are called Koalas.

    Not Koala ” bears.”

    Bears are a distant relative to dogs …

  7. Well plenty Australians would very much disagree with you on that terminology. And yes, I know many Australians due to a previous job. They “always” referred to them as Koala Bears, never used the term Koalas.

  8. We’ll I think this is and amazing trailer it is expensive average family could not afford .if the price would drop allot I would buy one

  9. It has been pointed out.

    And there is not a single Australian that calls them that either.

  10. Yeah, technically they are not bears. BUT, most Australians I have met have ALWAYS referred to them as Koala Bears rather than just Koalas. YMMV

    Then again, most Yanks ain’t Yankees. So what?

  11. TrapperKLK said: $62,700US! That is absolutely insane!

    Is it? Let’s see, median US income is US 50502 per year as of 2014

    Median Australian income is AU 79767 for the same period.

    Currency conversion shows very little difference in actual money. BUT, in Australia everybody gets paid by the employer only superannuation contributions. Currently, I think about 12% of salary…

    Healthcare is free in hospitals. To see a doctor was free but in last budget they now pay an astronomical AU $10!

    Income tax is paid at source, i.e. it comes out at the correct rate each payday. None of this backwards garbage they have in the US where you scramble to find the money at the end of the financial year. How retarded is that? But what do you expect from the most indebted country in the world.

    Yes Australians, and New Zealander’s too, pay much more for other items, such as housing, food etc, but then we don’t have illegal immigrants working for 50 cents an hour which keeps your food costs down for the vast majority of people, unless of course you are one of those illegal immigrants working in that kind of occupation.

    Average house cost (new) in Australia and New Zealand hovers around the AU $500,000 mark. OMG I hear you say? Well try looking in the big cities like Sydney and Auckland. $700,000 buys you an old clapped out hovel. Average houses there are now in excess of $1,000,000!

  12. Love it. But too pricey for my house. Hope the price goes down over time. Or I can find a used one.

  13. Its obviously for the outdoor enthusiasts who also is an avid off roader. Not for the person who likes giving money to a hotel for a night or two. Nothing against hotels, but like camping, it isn’t for everyone.
    Look what you get for the price. It is a tad pricey but nice none the less, id prefer it in the low 50 k range personally

  14. I’d love to have one here in Texas and take on trips to Colorado….. By I’d be a buyer at 25,000 and no more then 30,000 for it… But $62,000 there are some nice off road tent trailers that are not as nice but very cool for 17,000…. Asking price is to much. :(

  15. well, don’t want to complain about price, it’s simple no money – no trailer. But on the other hand – 62k, it’s well overpriced.
    In 2008 i got g-wagen for 30k, so for such money i can get 2 best in the class off-roaders with overall payload not less then that trailer.

  16. Get my 490 this weekend.
    Looking fwd to living everywhere most of you will never even imagine exists. Go anywhere, through anything. Last longer than me.
    Made for SA army.
    Buy right. buy once

  17. Sorry, that is incorrect. It was never made for any army, was in fact designed using principles from Army type trailers.

    And… given this is an Australian product why would it be made for the South African army?

    Agree with you on the buy right, buy once principle. As Benjamin Franklin once said “The bitterness of poor quality remains long after the sweetness of low price is forgotten”

  18. Hi Richard, congrats on your 490! I get my 390 in a few weeks. Hello everyone yes I am am Aussie and as a teacher we never call Koalas anything else but Koala unless it has a given name like Kevin or Blinky! :-) . Its common for us Aussies to “have a lend” of tourists and call them bears just to rev you up. but you guys react way more to our snakes and other interesting lovelies .. Yep its prob not bear proof, but its not made for that contingency…
    Mine is a camper trailer style ,not hard shell, and has all the same features except the TV. It will be my mini home while travelling and working around the country.

  19. Yes, a little on the pricey side but perfect for some. Congrats to those getting one, hope you have lots of fun and unique trips!

    And as a Brit, even I know it’s just Koala!

  20. Don’t believe there is anybody selling these off the floor in the US.

    However you can order them from the United States of Australia. ; )

  21. Wow what a great invention and example of fantastic engineering. The photos do not do it justice at all, watch the video!

    Purchasing one would obviously be a lifestyle choice. Some choose to spend their money on fast cars, holiday homes, boats, large houses – for others this represents excellent value. Some people sell up and live in them full time – quite a cheap way of living really – and visiting beautiful remote locations that you could otherwise never get to. I undertook a 4wd 1month trip up the West Coast of Oz visiting some quite remote locations – I’ve done a lot of travelling all over the world but it is one of my lifetime highlights. Spiders, snakes etc are not that much of a problem in reality. Heatstroke and dehydration much bigger issues. I would love one of these trailers.

  22. I honestly don’t think this is an outrageous price. My uncle paid over 150,000 for a really nice USED RV. But that thing can’t go off-roading in many places. This looks more compact than an RV but with most of the same creature comforts. I would love to have one of these one day. I wonder if they sell these in the US???

  23. I think the $62k+ price in Aus$. They make them for the South African Army because
    there is a SA subsidery there. The campers are sold in SA also. If made in US the number would be lower.

  24. You could buy an RV that has 2 bedrooms with 2 bunkbed areas and a bathroom with a kitchen for less than that.

  25. @Mario

    Don’t have to worry about drop bears. Remember that Australia is on the other side of the planet. Because of that they drop UP!


  26. @Dennis Ferril

    Sure you could. But… you can’t take an RV places where you can take this. That’s like comparing apples with Coke (the liquid stuff not the powder).

  27. Paul

    you need to get it right my friend. these campers were indeed made for the SA army by the Conqueror trailer company which is in Heidelburg just out of Joberg. the Australian distribution rights were given to the current suppliers which re-branded the product. originally South African and still is, don’t get me wrong i’m not South African but I do know how to research…..

  28. Worth every penny IMO.
    It looks like everything has been thought of in a tough and compact construction with very capable suspension to handle the off road adventures it caters for.
    It is an effortless one man job with those hydraulics to set up and pull down.
    Sure you can get similar camper trailers for half the price which aren’t built as tough, weigh twice as much, are twice as long and simply aren’t up to the task Australian outback would throw at it.
    There are plenty of those inferior trailers busted and broken on Aussie outback roads. Many of those were $20k or $30k.
    You wouldn’t need one in the USA anyway would you?
    Everything is paved and Desert Sands hotels for $20 a night are everywhere.

    And Aussies call them ‘koalas’. But they are the least of your worries :)

  29. Ha! Never been outside of US cities obviously Shrude, plenty of insane mountains, deserts, and everything in between here. Within 6 hours drive of any CA city really

    The one thing needed would be hydraulic lifts to level the whole rig, but I’m sure that could be done easily

    Fantastic trailer. Ultimate hunting rig. Want!

  30. Not according to my response from the company itself when I emailed them. Aussie designed from the ground up. Perhaps they do sell to S.A. but not made “for” the S.A. army.

  31. This trailer is probably made from the one thing it doesn’t have down under . And that is gun’s . The metal is most likely forged from the barrels of Australia s tyrannical gun confiscations .

  32. Ryan, I too know how to research. And I did. Part of the problem I think is that I used the infamous Mr Google.

    But I queried with Conqueror in Australia. They said that are not, and never have been, South African.

    Now either they are telling porkies or the CIA/NSA/FBI have hacked their emails to maintain the perception of American superiority or something. Not that the rest of the world really believes that. Hell, just look at the Trump Chump campaigning for President.

  33. It is so unfair that so many of us are judged by our most aggressively ignorant and bombastic representatives. Trump is held up by the worst 1/3 our country has to offer and half of us have little chance at being represented internationally.
    Not bitching , just speaking up to remind people that there are lot of us who are aware that other countries exist and have people that are proud of being citizens thereof!

  34. this is a gorgeous camper vehicle. the price is commensurate with the quality. No is being forced to purchase this camper. If you think the price is too high then do not buy it. There is no point in commenting here that it is too costly.

  35. Given all the out of the way places in the US, I can readily grasp the utility, compactness, and solidity of this UEV. Erik is totally right: hydraulic lifts would be an asset. I’d also take a look at the suspension since it might not be beefy enough to handle the different terrains in North America.

    I recall seeing such kitted out units in South Africa, so the concept is hardly unique to any one country. And I suppose there’s that Boer self-reliance culture hanging around in S.A. which some old duffer can buy with one of these trailers for roaming the veldt.

    As for the price, it’s nothing. The simplest Airstream costs roughly USD45,000, and it certainly won’t go offroad. Shipping and duties from Australia might double the end-user cost, but I know persons who have spent as much outfitting their Jeeps, Land Rovers, and G-Wagens for total off-grid trekking. I suspect there’s already something similar on the US market.

  36. Dude, why would we need it to be bear proof? It’s made in Australia, bears are like one of the only animals we don’t need to worry about killing us when we go camping. They’ve added features like a positive internal pressure to keep evil crawling and flying venemous things away.

  37. Koalas are not bears. Aussies do not call koalas bears. Aussies laugh at people who refer to koalas as bears.

  38. Don`t worry Chris.

    Many of us , in other parts of the world ( Australia for me ) , don`t think that the US is full of ignorant rednecks.You have your share to be sure , but so have we here in OZ.

    I do think you have a gun problem.

  39. Quote : ” Aussies laugh at people who refer to koalas as bears.”

    That has been pointed out.

    Someone has claimed that Aussies actually do call them that .
    Total nonsense of course.

  40. I see the $62K very clean, but I have not seen a toilet any where. A lot of money to still have to do it behind a bush.

  41. @Chris Henriksen: Never fear, the rest of the world loves poking fun at the US. We’d like to poke other things at “The DON” but I believe the things we’d like to poke at him are illegal… well to poke him with them anyway.

    Yes, we are aware that many from the US do know other countries exist. And we appreciate that many of them love us too. If only they’d drive on the left of the road instead of the right. Scares us sane people something horrible.

    And we’d LOVE it if Americans (as of the US) would take the piss out of our ShonKey Prime Minister. He’s the one with the fetish of pulling waitresses ponytails.

  42. Well Ricardo… one could be really radical and actually do it in “front” of a bush instead. Come on man, it is marketed for Australians IN Australia. Most of Aussie (as we Kiwis like to call it) is pretty warm most of the year. Sure some small areas get a little cooler but overall not so much.
    And what could be more satisfying than pooping on a stinky old wombat anyway? : )

  43. I would love one of these. For stuff in the US, $62,000 is not bad at all. Heck you’d pay that much for any kind of truck to tow it with, on top of the trailer price. I’d pay that price, Just saying.

  44. Would like to know how to contact manufacturer. I can see a US Market for these and would also be interested in owning one as well.

  45. Hi there, its acctually an original South African product made in South Africa. They export to Australia where there are further conversions done to the base for the local market there like axle change, suspension change and braking swop to electric brakes amongst many other.

  46. Sad part is that this UEV440 or Companion goes for about $20,000 USD kitted in South Africa but export is the challenge plus export taxes and transport with no conversions. Then it will need to be registered as a home build in the US, converted to be street legal with braking and position light mods amongst others. Once you are done, you will sit around the $50k mark. Wanted to bring our camping trailer with to the US but the export, import and coversions are hectic. One day I’ll get one over to the US. It is the best camper out there but the price is just unaffordable. There are many local US camper options available at half the price which is holding me back on the UEV440. But its a awesome camper non the less.

  47. You can also have a look at the following url. Its the Aus and US website for queries.
    You can try and get a response. I have, just get radio silence. If someone gets a response, please post here.

  48. This price is retarded, it’s what 15-25 ft long max and sure lots of storage but not worth $62,700. I can go buy a lot more decent 30- 35ft trailer with a lot more bells and wishes with that money. What im trying to get at is if your gunna use humble in your company name mabe you should act on it… your lacking it the price department boys. I love the idea, look and well just everything about it but price. If your gunna sell that here in Canada. Look towards the $15,000 to $30,000 range cause no one but a retard would buy that trailer for that much here.

  49. Well obviously, according to your comment, there must be a bunch of retards in the US because there is a distributor there and they are apparently selling like, well maybe not hotcakes, but definitely very warm ones.

  50. I think this is awesome and wanted to buy immediately after seeing it, until i saw price.15k tops.

  51. Trish… I think that the US more accurately has a people with guns problem.

    In Australia their people with guns problem is orders of magnitude less than anything in the States.

  52. Great idea for long term traveler. The ticket price is absolutely absurd. At this price it’s more of a novelty for the rich.

  53. Total UN nonsense Trish. I was the one who made that comment. I worked in a Govt Dept and there were about 6 – 7 Australians working there. Due to my position I got to interact with most people in the organisation. And I can truthfully say that to a man/woman each Aussie there referred to them as Koala Bears. Or more accurately (phonetically) Kwulluh Bezz. And more than one also referred to them as “bloody flea ridden ratbags” as well. But that’s ok, I’m sure the Koalas don’t care, they live their lives up in Eucalyptus trees eating leaves and sleeping a lot. Sort of like Andy Capp… who? Google it if you don’t know.

  54. Dizzy izzy, just remember, these are NOT mass produced items like cars/trucks/motor bikes. As such there is a high human manufacturing component. Therefore that raises the manufacturing price considerably. Plus, the superstructure is made of Q*U*A*L*I*T*Y materials. Again, increasing the costs.

    So, while it may be out of your price range (most certainly mine) it isn’t excessively exorbitant price wise considering what it is, and what you can do with it.

  55. Their North American items says roughly 40k for the uev 440 I’ve been looking at this thing for two years my wife and I would love one but even for 40k that’s a good truck or car ight here and you don’t use it as much. I understand all the ruggedness modifications they like anti rust and what not but in the US there is no need for that. Can’t they dumb it down a bit cheaper but keep the same design. Or have the powder coatingso and such an option. I mean good for them for making something of quality but theyes would make more money with the middle class campers than uppers.

  56. @Aaron: Well there you go… price has come down hasn’t it? Was $US 62,700 and is now $US 40,000. Give it enough time and I’m sure you’ll be able to buy it from your local $2 shop. Mind you, you won’t get any change out of that exorbitant amount. rg&dfc

  57. Hello, these are now available in the US. Please see And NO, they do not cost $62k, much less…