Collingwood Hut – A Modern Shepherds Hut by Gute

This tiny prefab hut on wheels comes from the creative minds of the Canadian company Gute. Called Collingwood, the Shepherds hut can be used as a guest house, retreat, or a home office. All of the huts by Gute are mounted on a trailer base, which will allow you to position it (and reposition it) on your site.


Collingwood Shepherd Hut - Tiny House - Gute - Canada - Exterior - Humble Homes

The rounded exterior of the Collingwood gives it a distinctively modern appearance, particularly when compared with its predecessor (which we covered in a previous post). The roof and side walls look to be clad with shingles, and the front and back walls look to be finished in a timber board and batten fashion.


Collingwood Shepherd Hut - Tiny House - Gute - Canada - Dining Area - Humble Homes

The inside of the hut contains pine boards that are used on the floor, side walls and ceiling of the unit. Oak is also used to create the doors, frames and sills. The entry door is a Dutch styled door, with the top opening separately from the bottom section, allowing it to introduce light and fresh air.


Collingwood Shepherd Hut - Tiny House - Gute - Canada - Sleeping Area - Humble Homes

The windows feature thermal pane glass, and the entire huts envelope is insulated to help it brave those cold Canadian winters. All the hardware is made of cast iron and has been selected for its hardiness and aesthetic qualities.

Collingwood Shepherd Hut - Tiny House - Gute - Canada - Bunk Beds - Humble Homes

The hut is split into three main sections: the dedicated sleeping area with bunk-beds, a living/dining area that can be converted to another sleeping space, and the middle section with storage, a fold-up desk and a gel fireplace.

Collingwood Shepherd Hut - Tiny House - Gute - Canada - Storage - Humble Homes

Gute states that the majority of the Shepherd huts won’t require building permits due to their size being less than 10 square meters (107 square feet). This also means, depending on your location, you might not have to pay extra property fees or taxes. All in all, the Collingwood measures just 7.5-by-15.5 foot (2.3-by-4.7 meters), while still packing quite a lot into such a small space.

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  1. I like it but very little storage space and I do not like the office/kitchen space turn into your bed. I also like my full size frig and freezer. Does it have washer/dryer hookups? I understand what Paul was saying about the blonde pine but color can be added. I am interested in more storage space with closets if person is living in it and not just using it for a office. Does it have a bathroom with sink, toilet and shower or tub or kitchenette?

  2. Very nice,the rounded nose is reminiscent of some Berliet trucks.My 2 bits,because I can’t keep myself from twobitzing,keep all things stinky outside,kitchen,toilets,shower,and treat your company with a genuine bidet.
    Vive le bidet !