Coleroon Shore Design Services Create a Contemporary Home for an Elderly Couple

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This home must be among the most uniquely shaped homes we’ve featured. Simply titled “The House”, this project saw the construction of a small retreat for an elderly couple in India.



The project was completed in 2018 by the architecture firm, Coleroon Shore Design Services. It can be found on a spacious plot of land in Bangalore Urban, India.



The building amounts to 480-square-feet (44.59-square-meters). Despite appearances the interior has been kept relatively simple. The structure is three stories tall, with the first floor being used as a parking space and entrance.



The ground level entrance takes you up a flight of stairs to the second floor – the main body of the home. All the essential living spaces have been captured on this floor. There’s a kitchen with a breakfast bar, a living area/studio, a bedroom in the corner and a bathroom at the opposite end.


The second floor is along home to a balcony that runs along the length of the building. However, it’s not the only place from which you can enjoy the view: the home’s staircase continues upwards to a generous rooftop terrace.


The interior is finished in a mix of light cream and blue tones. It’s been kept relatively minimalist on the inside, with few decorative items and features.

This compact structure stands undyed to its elements just like the purpose of a design for a space till it’s explored. – Coleroon Shore Design Services

Photos © Raul Raj Neelmage

Niall Burke

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  1. It’s beautiful… but As a kitchen and bath designer, I am pretty sure the word’s elderly and stairs used together are counter intuitive.. The living floor is fabulous, if you can get there from the parking level. What’s the point of having a wheelchair ready wetroom as your bathroom and putting all the living spaces on one level, or the observation floors and deck, if it’s not wheelchair accessible? Are the stair wells designed for an elevator upgrade when the time comes? Or just enjoy while you can. What am I missing here? Aging in place means accessibility regardless of circumstances.