Cocoon Tree: A Sleeping Pod for the Beach or Jungle

Called the Cocoon Tree, this suspended spherical structure is more like a sleeping pod than a treehouse. It can be erected anywhere with a few sturdy trees, or on a set of support legs. The assembly is designed to be as simple as possible, allowing people without a particular skillset to “hang” the cocoon.


Cocoon Tree: A Sleeping Pod for the Beach or Jungle

The cocoon comes in two forms, one is designed for the Jungle and another for the beach. The adaptable legs will allow you to place the retreat on a variety of ground types and terrains.


Alternatively, you can hang it from the trees, where it will resemble a glowing orb against the backdrop of the night. Suspending the cocoon involves a “floating ring” and threading ropes through the 12 points of attachment around the circumference.

Cocoon Tree: A Sleeping Pod for the Beach or Jungle


There are several types available. The basic model is 3 meters (~10 foot) in diameter, and weights 120 kg (264 pounds) – so it’s a rather large yet lightweight structure. The frame is made from aluminium, which is then covered with a waterproof white tarpaulin. To prevent an invasion from those nasty mosquitoes, there are mosquito nets covering the openings.

Cocoon Tree: A Sleeping Pod for the Beach or Jungle

The interior features a 2.5 meter (8.2 foot) diameter wood floor, that’s treated for moisture resistance. On top of the floor you’ll find a large and very comfy looking foam mattress that can easily sleep two adults.

If you decide to hang your pod close to the ground you can just clamber into it. However, if you decide to hang it a little higher up (and why wouldn’t you?) the Tree Cocoon can be accessed by a black polyester netting that acts as a walkway and as a safety net. Not that you’d really need it; each of the cocoon’s riggings have a weight resistance of 1.6 tonnes.

Cocoon Tree: A Sleeping Pod for the Beach or Jungle

Tree Cocoon also has some additional options including a table that can seat up to six people, and there’s also the Cocoon Tree Splash which features a toilet, sink and shower (unfortunately there’s no pricing available for these options).

Cocoon Tree: A Sleeping Pod for the Beach or Jungle

So what about cost? As usual these things tend to be luxury items for those with some spare cash. The basic model is priced at $7,991 – the hanging pack and fixing stand aren’t included in that figure. A deluxe model is also available for $8,996 (minus the extras). Apparently the only difference is a higher grade tarpaulin. One last thing to note: it ships from Vietnam, and who knows how much that would cost.

I think I’ll stick to the regular wooden treehouses. It’s definitely possible to create a tranquil lofted getaway for much less, but I do admire the engineering and thought that went into creating this little pod.

For more treehouses check out the quirky Fern Forest Treehouse in Green Mountain National Forest. Or the luxurious lofted cabin from Treehotel in Sweden. See all treehouses.

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