Chinese Student Creates A Green Micro-Home

Designer, Daihai Fei, decided to build himself an odd, yet charming, tiny green home as an alternative to paying the high rent fees in Beijing.


The ‘house’ has been constructed from bamboo, which is covered with a layer of insulation, and clad in what appears to be a stitched bags. The bags are filled with sawdust and grass seeds. Daihai frequently sprays his unusual green roof to help promote the growth of the grass.


Once fully covered in the grass, the home will take on a much more organic aesthetic (although the form alone is surely a nod to organic architecture). On the inside you’ll find a bed, small sink, bookshelf, and a lamp powered by a small solar panel on the roof.


Parked across the street from his workplace, Daihai probably has one of the shortest commutes going (another advantage of mobile living; shorter distances to wherever you need to get to).

Unfortunately the tiny living pod doesn’t have any toiletries, and Daihai has to use public facilities, but in a large city like Beijing this shouldn’t really prove to be a problem.

All told, he managed to build his tiny house for only 6,400 yuan ($960).

Via TreeHugger

Niall Burke

Structural engineer by day, tiny house designer by night. Niall has a keen interest in small spaces, green design, and sustainability. He started developing Humble Homes while studying for his masters degree in engineering. He is the founder and managing editor of Humble Homes.