Chickadee – A Tiny House on Wheels by Brevard Tiny Homes

This 8-by-24 foot tiny house on wheels has been built by Brevard Tiny Homes. Located in North Carolina, they’ve made several tiny houses to date, although this one, dubbed Chickadee, is my favorite.


Chickadee - Brevard Tiny Homes - North Carolina - Interior - Humble Homes

The first floor of this home focuses on providing an adequate living area and kitchen. The kitchen is generously sized for a tiny house, and features an L-shape that wraps around the gable end. In the living area they’ve gone for a cathedral ceiling, maximizing the perceived space.


Chickadee - Brevard Tiny Homes - North Carolina - Staircase - Humble Homes

The kitchen seems to be geared towards those that actually cook – often in dwellings of this size the occupants are left with kitchenettes, which isn’t a great option for any budding chef. It’s equipped with a 4-burner stove, a large refrigerator, plenty of cabinets and drawers, and a narrow shelving unit that frames the fridge.


Chickadee - Brevard Tiny Homes - North Carolina - Kitchen - Humble Homes

There are two lofts: one over the kitchen and another placed over the bathroom at the opposite end of the home. The main loft (the one used as a sleeping space) is accessed by a modern-looking alternating tread staircase. The underside of the staircase has been used to provide the occupants with some much needed storage.

Chickadee - Brevard Tiny Homes - North Carolina - Fridge - Humble Homes

The bathroom manages to squeeze in a tub, which is a real rarity among tiny houses of this size. Not only that, but they’ve also included a washer/dryer in the bathroom – a necessity for anyone planning to living in a dwelling of this size on a long (or even short) term basis, unless you have a laundromat nearby.

Chickadee - Brevard Tiny Homes - North Carolina - Bathroom - Humble Homes

All in all, they’ve managed to fit quite a lot into a space that has a footprint of just 192 square feet (18 square meters). This particular model is available in turnkey condition for $55,300. You can visit their website for more details.

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  1. Niall, are you sure that is an alternating staircase? Tread looks far too small to me for that. I’d figure its special steps for a cat or similar.

    1. Ahh, that would make much more sense. I distinctly remember looking at them and thinking you’d have to tip-toe up the stairs haha.

  2. I like the look and innovative storage spaces of this tiny home, but I am 77 years old and would need a downstairs bedroom and a walk-in sit-in shower. I would need to keep the finished price at less than $60,000. I now live in Greensboro NC but am interested in relocating to Acony Bell tiny home community in Mills River, NC