Chevrolet Bus Restored into a Funky Mobile Camper

Bus renovations that I’ve featured in the past have all been carried out by self-build enthusiasts, but this rather groovy-looking bus has been restored by the studio Winkelman Architecture. Will Winelman is primarily responsible for the transformation of the 1959 Chevrolet Viking short bus, combining architecture and design with transportation.


Winkelman Architecture - Chevrolet Viking Bus Makeover - Humble Homes

The end result of his efforts are a cozy, colorful space on wheels. Like the tiny house movement, bus renovations enable people to lead a minimalist lifestyle while also being able to travel at the same time. Unlike tiny houses, this bus isn’t designed for full-time living. The renovation was carried out on the behalf of a client who needed an alternative mode of transportation for family outings, which could also act as a guest bedroom.


Winkelman Architecture - Chevrolet Viking Bus Makeover - Humble Homes

The original bus was in such bad form that Winkelman had to repair almost all of the mechanical aspects before the interior facelift could take place. Will also customized all the new body parts so they would be in keeping with its vintage style: “The bodyshop lifted the body off and tenderly restored it to its original self, sometimes fabricating replacement parts, sometimes sourcing salvaged parts on the web.”


Winkelman Architecture - Chevrolet Viking Bus Makeover - Humble Homes

The interior of the bus is finished in a kitschy retro style, taking elements from Moroccan culture and incorporating them to create a “funky, hippy Moroccan vibe”. The cab of the bus contains a seating area which can be adjusted to provide two single beds, or a large double bed. There’s also a toilet cubicle and a little table and chair just behind the driver’s area.

Winkelman Architecture - Chevrolet Viking Bus Makeover - Humble Homes

The materials and fabrics chosen were selected based on their retro quality in an attempt to create a 60’s vibe. You’ll find little details like multi-colored beads, tassel lamps and Moroccan-style prints. The mill work was completed using quarter-sawn white oak, and the floor is made up of salvaged heart pine that was installed with the original surface to create an aged-looking floor.

Winkelman Architecture - Chevrolet Viking Bus Makeover - Humble Homes

For more renovated buses check out this swanky bus conversion by Tali Shaul and Hagit Morevski. Or this truck that’s been converted into a comfortable small home on wheels by Joseph Tayyar. See all spaces.

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Photos: Winkelman Architecture

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  1. I like it especially since a friend of mine recently retired and bought herself a small rv and is traveling all over the place. Was there a refrig area and bathroom or bathroom incase you are not able to find facilities to stay somewhere?

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