Can Ghalili – A Barcelona Apartment Renovation by LoCa Studio That Fuses Old and New

This apartment can be found in the district of Sants-Montjuic in Barcelona, Spain. It’s been renovated to serve as a second home for the owner and her family.


A local firm by the name of LoCa Studio were enlisted to oversee the project. They, in collaboration with the builder, Enric Buxó, and carpenter, Cisca, were able to produce a warm and welcoming retreat in the heart of Barcelona.

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The apartment contains a total of 645.83-square-feet (60-square-meters). Renovations were completed in 2017, with a large amount of focus being placed on introducing as much light as possible. It’s been dubbed Can Ghalili by the designers.

The main opportunities to introduce natural light come from the front, and back of the home – the sides of the apartment are flanked by other buildings. With this in mind, they introduced translucent dividers between rooms positioned more centrally.


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They also shifted the shared living spaces to the back of the home, where they could take full advantage of the large patio doors. The entrance leads through to a corridor that connects the front to the back of the home, along with every room found in between.

The bedroom is the first room after the entrance hallway. This is followed by a dressing room and the apartments bathroom. Beyond this, are the public living areas, namely the living room, followed by a dining area and kitchen.

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A second bedroom has been created from a small mezzanine placed above the bathroom and dressing room. From the architects: “A place to share, enjoy the holidays and the city atmosphere.The objective of the intervention was to take advantage of the patio and the existing tree, and make the interior flexible enough to enjoy and maximize the whole volume of the space.”

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  1. I definitely like the long bookcase but it needs to painted. Bare wood can become depressing after a period of time. Needs paint possibly white or like colors to share the openness of the place. But I do not the large sliding door. Safety issue and same thing with the front door. People can and do break in.